We met Ashley for the first time at the Lubbock Bridal show in January. She had emailed us previously and we were still waiting to find a time to meet.  When we finally met with her and her mom it was one of those meetings that you walk away from thinking Umm..I love my job. 🙂 She is the sweetest. She loved our work and she wasn’t afraid to tell us and her happy go lucky attitude was so refreshing! So I was super excited when their engagement session came around- it’s always so fun to meet the groom for the first time. To watch them together. To recognize all the little things that make a couple “work”. And these two definitely “work”. Taylor was just as kind and up for anything as Ashley was.  When we pulled up to the first location (which is kind of “out there” as far as looking picturesque goes) I was a little nervous that they were going to think we were crazy for stopping there, but the first thing Ashley said when she got out was “I love this! I’m so excited!”

Um…folks, that’s our kind of bride! We had so much fun hanging out with this couple! They are both incredible photogenic and Ashley has the eyes of a supermodel! No lie. I cannot wait to photograph her in her wedding gown on her wedding day! She is going to be one stunning bride!

Hope you guys enjoy some of our favorites from their session! 🙂 And leave ’em some love in the comments!!


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Tracy Whitfield
March 25, 2012
Beautiful pictures. Love everyone of the shots!! Beautiful couple!
Kelsey Cooper
March 25, 2012
So effortless! Love them. Great to see you two! Can't wait!
Katie Ray
March 25, 2012
Great pictures!!!
Sharla Ogden
March 25, 2012
Beautiful couple makes beautiful pictures! I agree with the photographer...cannot wait to see these two dressed up for the wedding! Best Wishes.
Lucy Nichols
March 25, 2012
Wow!! Great Pictures! Good looking couple. Happy engagement!!
Shirley Jameson
March 25, 2012
You did a wonderful job of capturing the feelings this special couple have for one another. I love the pictures and I love them!
Jacqui Daves
March 26, 2012
Gorgeous pics!
George Shivers
March 26, 2012
Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Sharla Shivers
March 26, 2012
These are wonderful. They will be forever treasures.
Malissa Trotter
March 26, 2012
These pictures are amazing!!!
Kelli Cash
March 26, 2012
Simply stunning. Beautiful subjects and beautiful photography!
Danna Watkins
March 30, 2012
Absolutely beautiful! Love the scenery!