March 10, 2016

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August 12, 2014

 I have to brag on Aric a little bit here!  In case you haven’t heard yet – Aric & I are expecting a sweet baby boy this December!! 😉  This year’s wedding season has been a little rough – with the constant morning sickness and all!  Wedding days for the past few months have been so hard, and the weariness hasn’t dissipated during the week with shoots and editing to be done!  Feeling sick all day is especially uneasy when my bed is just a few feet away from my desk and the only thing that doesn’t make me feel queasy is sleep!  So Aric has taken on a lot more of the work lately and he’s been unbelievable with it all!  I’m impressed every single time he heads out for a shoot on his own and comes back with images that make me go “wow!”

He photographed Kasey’s bridal session and when he still wasn’t home after several hours I was wondering if they had gotten lost!  But no, Kasey & her mom had just asked to shoot some of her bridal shots at night and Aric knocked it out of the park with those!  It’s always fun when our clients give us the freedom and ability to experiment, try new things and just be creative without a list of rules for us!  Luckily that is the majority of our clients and we’re so grateful for that!  Kasey’s dress was so fun!  And I love that she had different accessories to play around with!

I had too much fun editing through the photos and I’m so excited to share these with you!  And don’t mind me, I’m just bragging on my amazingly talented husband when I say these photos are AMAZING!  Hope you enjoy her bridal portraits as much as I did!
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June 24, 2014

That unexplainable thing that sweeps you off your feet when you least expect it.  It’s laughter and kisses and cuddles and being wrapped up so completely in a single moment that you forget all about the rest of the world around you…

lubbock engagement photos

March 26, 2014

Do you remember that one time that I said I’ll never shoot newborns?  Haha…It’s so funny how things work out sometimes!  It made sense for Aric & I to “specialize” in weddings when we were starting out.  That’s where we were in our own life stage!  We were getting married, our friends were getting married… It just fit!  And to be honest at the time newborns SCARED me! 😉  Now that we are pretty much surrounded by them, and every day a new friend tells us they are pregnant it was inevitable that I would find a love for shooting newborns as well!

When I first started I did – what I think most people do… I ONLY photographed the newborn!  (I mean that’s the purpose of a newborn shoot, after all…)  But after a couple years of shooting them I’ve felt like something was missing in the sessions.  It’s great and sweet and fun and wonderful to have lots of images of these precious sleeping babies – but what about their family?  What about Mom and Dad?!  The interactions between new parents and their newborn are truly priceless and I regret not having figured that out sooner!!  From now on all newborn sessions will include shots with the parents as well!  I understand if a new mom who has just given birth doesn’t feel like being in front of a camera and I’ll always respect that decision!  But I do believe the pictures are worth it! :)

Everyone meet sweet Uriah Luke & his adorable parents Paden & Mckenna! Isn’t he just the sweetest?!
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February 12, 2014

Here’s another one of those…”Man, my husband is super talented!” moments for me! :)  I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again probably – but in the beginning ALL Aric & I wanted to shoot was weddings! Weddings, weddings and more weddings! And while we still love us a beautiful wedding and love story, it’s been fun for us to branch out into portraits over the last couple years!   We shot Grant’s older sister’s senior portraits just a couple years ago and I can’t believe he’s a Senior now!  You’ll be able to gather most of this from his photos, but Grant is a musician! An awesomely talented musician and just an overall well rounded guy!  He belongs in LA, doing something creative!  Senior portraits are all about capturing a Senior’s style! Their hobby’s and activities that they are so passionate about at this time in their lives! I love that Grant incorporated his brand new Camaro into the shoot, as well as his musical loves (both guitar and drums).  Grant will be graduating from Trinity High School this year and plans to attend Texas Tech University in the fall!  I can’t wait to see what he does!  I know he’ll be a world changer!

Okay enough chatting – onto some of the best High school Senior portraits I’ve ever seen!  (And I can say that, because Aric shot all of these!)  :)


And Email us to set up a shoot if you’re a Senior!Lubbock High School Senior Photographer Trinity Christian High School Senior Photography TCHS Senior Photography lubbock portrait photographer 0118_FAVORITES lubbock senior photographer unique high school senior photography best senior boy photography 1014_SGA camaro for high school pictures 1112_SGA 1119_SGA 1123_SGA lubbock senior photographer

February 10, 2014


Aric did such an awesome job on Brooke & Jonothon’s engagement session!!  Since I do all the editing whether I shoot it or not, it’s so fun sometimes to see a shoot that I wasn’t able to be a part of and give a little praise to my hubs for his awesome work!  I remember telling him the plans for the shoot and getting him all set up to go – Brooke wanted to shoot at Jonathon’s Aunt’s home, so that’s where Aric was going to meet them.  It’s a little nerve-wracking sometimes when clients pick certain locations.  We’ve shot at grandma’s houses and on family farms and ranches and you just never know what you’re gonna get!  You never know if the lighting will be good?  If the decor will be good?  It could all just completely clash, but for the most part even though it’s a little scary at first those types of sessions always turn out so well!  Aric was pleasantly surprised and I think he might have had a little too much to work with because he said he couldn’t decide where to shoot! Haha!  But I love the way they turned out.  Everything was so colorful and I just feel like these two were a little more comfortable being a place that was familiar to them! When I look at them I think, AW, I wanna be snuggled up with my sweetheart on that bench! haha! It’s just too much cuteness in one session so get ready!

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February 07, 2014


*sigh* Here’s another fall bridal session that I absolutely adore and another one of our absolutely stunning brides!  Makenzie had such a calm, elegant, gorgeous, sweet demeanor about her.  When I saw her wedding dress for the first time you could just tell it was the perfect fit!  We spent another day up at the Je-T’adore studio while Jalie glammed her up with hair and makeup.  Makenzie wanted a really soft, natural golden look for her makeup and as always Jalie was spot on!  It was absolutely understated and glamorous all at the same time!  Everything from the makeup, to the accessories right down to the shoes fit together so well and it was just too much fun spending the day just me and Makenzie for her bridal portraits! :)

I knew gold was being incorporated into her wedding so brought a little prop out for a couple shots and love how they turned out! Also, Southern Elegance Design did such a great job with her wedding decor and even provided her with the vintage fur shrug for a few of the photos! I love when brides have a little fun and do something different with their session! Hope you guys enjoy a few favorites from her session!lubbock bridal studio 1025_BMS 1027_BMS 1032_BMS 1053_BMS bridal portraits in lubbock texas southern elegance design wedding 1077_BMS 1080_BMS1104_BMS portrait photographer 1091_BMS1123_BMS lubbock bridals

February 05, 2014

Oh this family!! I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how thankful we are for them!  Most people know that we were nomads for almost 2 years before we were able to build our dream home with a designated front meeting room for our clients!  We dreamed and dreamed about it, we sold our house in 3 weeks, and for literally 2 years went from apartment to rental house, to…well living with these friends.  During the Fall/Winter of 2012 we lived with Brad & Tara in their spare guest room for about 6 months! Umm…talk about true friendship!  It was a beautiful, learning and growing process for us all and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.  Just a couple months after we FINALLY moved out, sweet Lainey joined them and she’s another beautiful little soul I can’t imagine life without!  She has the biggest smile and she lights up any room she walks in!  Aric is maybe…just a little…or a lot smitten with little Lainey – but I mean how can you blame him…just look at her! :)

I can  hardly believe it, but Lainey is having her first birthday in a couple weeks and Brad & Tara have since moved into a new home! So we did a little photo shoot to commemorate both special moments for this family!  Enjoy a few of our favorite photos from their sweet family session!

:)Lubbock Family Photographer Lubbock Family Photographer lubbock family photography 0111_FAVORITES 0112_FAVORITES family photography 0117_FAVORITES 0119_FAVORITES lifestyle children's photographer lubbock texas

I’m serious here… Tell me you did not smile after looking at this next photo.  You just can’t help it! Lubbock children's photographer lubbock photographer 0127_FAVORITES 0129_FAVORITES lubbock family photography Lubbock family photographer 0138_FAVORITES Lubbock Lifestyle Family Photographer

And it wouldn’t be a true birthday photo shoot without a little cake smash! 0142_FAVORITES 0145_FAVORITES 0146_FAVORITES

February 03, 2014

It’s another one of those drop your jaw moments here.  Amy! Where do I even begin with this girl?! She was SO much fun to photograph and just the sweetest, most genuine girl you will ever meet.  It’s funny sometimes when we know the bride and see her several times before we ever even meet her groom.  This girl is in love, ya’ll.  Absolutely smitten, and it was such a joy to see her be loved so well and in such a fun way in return when we finally got to meet Alex!  We spent a day in the fall shooting her bridal portraits and it was just a blast.  My favorite Hair and Makeup artist, Jalie did her hair and makeup and Amy provided all the fun props you’ll see!  We started out shooting at the Je-T’adore studio and it was so fun to shoot some fashion inspired bridals in the studio before we moved out to shoot the rest of the session outside!  Just like most of our brides – Amy should be a bridal model or something because she belongs in a magazine!

Lubbock Bridal Photographer Lubbock BrideFashion Inspired Bridal Portraits Lubbock Wedding & Bridal Photographer Best Lubbock Bridal Photos Lubbock Photographer Amy Ashby Bridals Lubbock Bridal Photography Lubbock FashionLubbock Bridals 1118_NFSFashion Bridal Portraits in Lubbock texas Lubbock Bridal Photographer

January 31, 2014

Ever since we got the studio for Je-T’adore Beauty & Boudoir I’ve felt so much more comfortable having a place to be able to shoot newborns too!!  It’s perfect!!  I’ve already got it all set up for my Beauty & Boudoir portraits and really there are only a few changes I have to make in order for it to be appropriate for a newborn session!  When Allison first emailed me about shooting their newborn/family session after sweet little Charlotte arrived I have to admit I was a little hesitant.  I was beginning to think I’m really not cut out for this newborn/family stuff.  I need to stick with adults who can take direction and pose just the way I want them to by saying a few words! 😉  Plus, most of the newborn session I have done have been for close friends of mine or family members so I know it’s a big deal for a new mom to trust someone with their newborn!  But she was so sweet and I couldn’t help but say of course! I can’t wait!  Charlotte was scheduled to make her arrival around January 4th and I already knew we would be in town for a wedding that weekend so I thought that’s perfect!  Just let me know when she gets here and we’ll set a date for the shoot after that!  Well little Charlotte didn’t want to wait for 2014! She came a little early right around Christmas, so the first day I was back home after all the holiday travel with family we set the shoot and of course Charlotte was absolutely perfect!  I mean…just look at her!  A tiny little doll! And her parents?! Forget about it! They are done!  They are absolutely smitten with her and it was so sweet to see!  Hope you guys enjoy a few favorites from their session!! I couldn’t help myself so there are a lot! Oh…and on a side note…Allison! Can’t you believe she JUST gave birth to a little girl days before this??! She’s a rock star!


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