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August 12, 2014

 I have to brag on Aric a little bit here!  In case you haven’t heard yet – Aric & I are expecting a sweet baby boy this December!! 😉  This year’s wedding season has been a little rough – with the constant morning sickness and all!  Wedding days for the past few months have been so hard, and the weariness hasn’t dissipated during the week with shoots and editing to be done!  Feeling sick all day is especially uneasy when my bed is just a few feet away from my desk and the only thing that doesn’t make me feel queasy is sleep!  So Aric has taken on a lot more of the work lately and he’s been unbelievable with it all!  I’m impressed every single time he heads out for a shoot on his own and comes back with images that make me go “wow!”

He photographed Kasey’s bridal session and when he still wasn’t home after several hours I was wondering if they had gotten lost!  But no, Kasey & her mom had just asked to shoot some of her bridal shots at night and Aric knocked it out of the park with those!  It’s always fun when our clients give us the freedom and ability to experiment, try new things and just be creative without a list of rules for us!  Luckily that is the majority of our clients and we’re so grateful for that!  Kasey’s dress was so fun!  And I love that she had different accessories to play around with!

I had too much fun editing through the photos and I’m so excited to share these with you!  And don’t mind me, I’m just bragging on my amazingly talented husband when I say these photos are AMAZING!  Hope you enjoy her bridal portraits as much as I did!
1Q5C0272 1021_BKM 1031_BKM 1035_BKM 1048_BKM 1057_BKM 1072_BKM 1084_BKM 1088_BKM 1106_BKM 1113_BKM 1114_BKM 1119_BKM 1124_BKM 1134_BKM 1135_BKM

February 07, 2014


*sigh* Here’s another fall bridal session that I absolutely adore and another one of our absolutely stunning brides!  Makenzie had such a calm, elegant, gorgeous, sweet demeanor about her.  When I saw her wedding dress for the first time you could just tell it was the perfect fit!  We spent another day up at the Je-T’adore studio while Jalie glammed her up with hair and makeup.  Makenzie wanted a really soft, natural golden look for her makeup and as always Jalie was spot on!  It was absolutely understated and glamorous all at the same time!  Everything from the makeup, to the accessories right down to the shoes fit together so well and it was just too much fun spending the day just me and Makenzie for her bridal portraits! :)

I knew gold was being incorporated into her wedding so brought a little prop out for a couple shots and love how they turned out! Also, Southern Elegance Design did such a great job with her wedding decor and even provided her with the vintage fur shrug for a few of the photos! I love when brides have a little fun and do something different with their session! Hope you guys enjoy a few favorites from her session!lubbock bridal studio 1025_BMS 1027_BMS 1032_BMS 1053_BMS bridal portraits in lubbock texas southern elegance design wedding 1077_BMS 1080_BMS1104_BMS portrait photographer 1091_BMS1123_BMS lubbock bridals

February 03, 2014

It’s another one of those drop your jaw moments here.  Amy! Where do I even begin with this girl?! She was SO much fun to photograph and just the sweetest, most genuine girl you will ever meet.  It’s funny sometimes when we know the bride and see her several times before we ever even meet her groom.  This girl is in love, ya’ll.  Absolutely smitten, and it was such a joy to see her be loved so well and in such a fun way in return when we finally got to meet Alex!  We spent a day in the fall shooting her bridal portraits and it was just a blast.  My favorite Hair and Makeup artist, Jalie did her hair and makeup and Amy provided all the fun props you’ll see!  We started out shooting at the Je-T’adore studio and it was so fun to shoot some fashion inspired bridals in the studio before we moved out to shoot the rest of the session outside!  Just like most of our brides – Amy should be a bridal model or something because she belongs in a magazine!

Lubbock Bridal Photographer Lubbock BrideFashion Inspired Bridal Portraits Lubbock Wedding & Bridal Photographer Best Lubbock Bridal Photos Lubbock Photographer Amy Ashby Bridals Lubbock Bridal Photography Lubbock FashionLubbock Bridals 1118_NFSFashion Bridal Portraits in Lubbock texas Lubbock Bridal Photographer

July 11, 2013

As promised, here are some favorites from Jordan’s bridal session! What a fun day! Jordan, along with some friends and her mom met up in Lubbock for her session and we had such a good time!  Obviously Jordan is stunning so our job was pretty easy.  Now that I think about it – we fought the wind a bit on her bridal session day too!  I didn’t mind it too much though, because with her hair down, the wind blew her flowing golden locks perfectly for our pictures! 😉

Jordan got her dress at Brides in Amarillo.  We have had several brides who have shopped around and found THE dress at Brides and everyone who has only has great things to say about the store and the staff at the store.  I’ve never been there personally, but I recommend the store to any bride that asks because of all the good things we have heard!

Okay! On with the photos! Since it was so windy that day, we started off in our studio.  Jordan’s wedding colors were grey and pink so the studio was perfect! Hope you guys enjoy!

XOXOClassic Bridal Portraits Lubbock Indoor bridal pictures unique black and white bridal 1011_BJG 1008_BJG beautiful classic lubbock wedding photos 0111_FAVORITES outdoor lubbock bridal pictures glamorous black and white bridal pictures 0117_FAVORITES 1040_BJG 1074_BJG 1078_BJG 1063_BJG 1073_BJG 0125_FAVORITES 1103_BJG 1104_BJG

June 11, 2013

Happy Wedding Season everyone!!!! 😉  What a crazy beautiful time it is around here! I cannot wait to share some previews of our latest sessions & weddings!  When I looked up and saw that it was already almost halfway through June I couldn’t believe it!! Time is just passing me by! As I sit in my office and edit all my days away!  And much like myself – not many photos are getting to see the light of day! But I had to put an end to it!  So today I sat outside on our patio to eat my lunch and vowed that I would get together a blog post of previews to share with you all! :)  I also vowed to set aside time during my day to read a book (It’s been so long since I’ve done that!), and to do something that isn’t work related with Aric- like go on a date, or work on a project for the house together, or go to barnes and noble and plan our Europe vacation for September!!  I vowed to work harder- get things done and then spend my evenings like normal people do when they get off work! 😉  So here’s to being hopeful and making changes for the better!  I culled 3 or 4 weddings and 2 sessions yesterday, and after this post I’ll be trying to edit one full wedding like I did this morning before the day is over!  Let’s make these things happen!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy seeing our client’s pretty faces!! 😉

(These are in no particular order!) Starting with Bonnie & Sean’s beautiful classic church wedding mixed with a rustic reception in Bonnie’s grandparent’s barn! The transformation was incredible! Complete with a gold glitter table runner for the head table, lots of soft pink color accents and beautiful flower arrangements! I love that they set aside time to do a first look and get all of their formal group shots done before the ceremony! That gave us lots of room to get some beautiful and unique portraits of them, and they got to enjoy every minute of their reception! :)


Amy & Jonathan are adorable! In case you can’t tell! And they were so so sweet to each other during their session!!  I can’t wait to share these with you!


Lindsay & Daniel got married out at Ransom Canyon Lake and they had their reception at Lindsay’s Aunt & Uncle’s beautiful home!  There was a boat getaway car, dancing on the dock, and lots of fun with their closest family and friends!  And best of all, you just can’t beat a sunset like this one off the water! The sky turned every color of the rainbow during their sunset! And I’m thankful we were able to capture it for them! 24712-Edit

Collin & Amanda were married at The Legacy Event Center here in downtown Lubbock.  Aric & I are beyond familiar with The Legacy, but sometimes that can be a treat! We know exactly how to shoot it and still make it a challenge to find something unique to shoot every time we’re there!  Amanda was stunning! And her dress choice was absolutely perfect! It could be one of my favorites!  These two met at J&B coffee so of course – J&B was there servin’ up their delicious brews to all their guests!! I loved how the incorporated so many personal things into their wedding day!21014-Edit

Cody & Chelsey! I really can’t say enough about this sweet couple!! They had a beautiful wedding at FBC Lubbock with an equally as beautiful reception over at The Frazier Alumni Pavilion on Tech Campus!!  One of my favorite parts of every wedding is really listening to the preacher during the ceremony! I always walk away with a good word to remind me to be a better wife and love my husband well.  Their’s was no different!  I can’t wait to share more from their wedding! 14094

Matt & Allye! Yet ANOTHER absolutely gorgeous couple! Thankfully we have really amazing friends who go off to Harvard for business school and meet people like Matt & Allye so then we get a referral to shoot their wedding!  There’s way too much to be said about this couple.  We attended their wedding rehearsal the night before their wedding and person after person – family members and friends alike got up to give toasts to these two and commend them for being basically the most amazing people any of them had ever met!  Guests talked about they love for the Lord, for life and for one another – and how they love people so well.  Aric & I felt like we were missing out not having known them before – but we will definitely consider them friends from here on out! They had the perfect wedding at a beautiful venue in Downtown Dallas called Three Three Three First Avenue (also the address of the venue).  It was planned to perfection and it was a glorious celebration of them just as they deserved!

And a little side note: Aric shot video at this wedding…I can hardly contain my excitement because I know it’s going to be amazing!  Can’t wait for it to be finished so we can share!!! :)7013-Edit

Umm… I’ve been so excited about these two’s fun engagement session in Marfa!!! I can’t believe I still haven’t blogged them!!  Obviously just by looking they are rock stars.  But they are the kindest most genuine people ever.  I’m so glad we wound up in the same small group at our church with them, because they are such a blessing to our lives!  And I just feel cooler saying that they are our friends! 😉  I have so much to tell about our trip to Marfa with them and seriously – Their photos belong in a magazine, because they look like supermodels/rock stars! 1162_EAK 1013_EAK

Meet Laura.  One of our brides that should be a real life bridal model.  Honestly.  I feel like most of her photos belong in a magazine or on an ad for her bridal gown designer – because she’s stunning! Everywhere we went and everything we asked her to do was effortless for her! :)0022_FAVORITES

John & Bailie!! Bailie is Amanda’s sister (from above!)  (In case you couldn’t already tell)  It was such a pleasure getting to be a part of both of their weddings!  Bailie had a beautiful hometown wedding in Pampa at her Grandparent’s barn!  Again! Another incredible transformation of a barn! I can’t wait to show you!  And I had the exciting joy of having Cristy Cross come and second shoot with me for their wedding!  It was way too much fun! Bailie is so easy going and beautiful, and John – although he claimed he hated having his picture taken was a natural in front of the camera! 😉  They too included so many personal details in their wedding, including a hammock (because he proposed on a hammock) and sand from the beach where he proposed as the sand they used in their sand ceremony!  Not to mention the cherry blossoms as decor and their Cherry jam wedding favors because their new last name is Cherry! :) I adore details like that!

Kenny & Amber are happy.  And it shows in every single one of their engagement photos!! We’ve never had so many natural smiles and laughs! They were so much fun and seriously – just so stinkin’ cute!  They are dealing with a long distant engagement as he’s on the West coast in California!  He’s somewhat of a biking prodigy (in my opinion anyway) (he biked all the way from Texas to Canada!! – I hope I’m remembering that correctly – It was probably even longer) So they incorporated their bikes in the session and I couldn’t get over how adorable Amber’s bike dress was!  So fitting for them!  And I won’t deny that I’m a little jealous of her perfectly curled hair!  I can’t wait for their wedding in August!0124_FAVORITES

Luke & Carly are old friends of Aric’s from Albuquerque!  I love their love story and how they had so many mutual friends growing up but didn’t meet each other until the time was just right for them to fall in love!  They were so much fun during their engagement session! And we had fun trying to incorporate all things “Albuquerque” into their session including cactus (like you see below), the mountains and lots of other things!

Here’s our bridal model again! 😉  Laura married Will in April and they had a gorgeous classic wedding at St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral downtown.  With that gorgeous backdrop, bouquets by College Flowers, some unique personal details, an awesome dance party and a Maid of Honor speech that has surpassed all other maid of honor speeches Aric & I have ever heard – the wedding was a success and it was such a joy to be a part of!0183_FAVORITES

Edwin & Becky also got married at The Legacy Event Center! Here’s what I was talking about when I said we always try to find something different to shoot while we’re there! :)  You might remember them from their engagement session – and Edwin is still making Becky laugh!  They too had a gorgeous wedding with beautiful accents of Jade and an awesome dance party for their guests!!  Not to mention 4 Frames Photobooths was there to capture lots of fun too! 😉 Check out their photo booth blog post here:  4 Frames

Did I mention before that Carly & Luke had the most gorgeous Backyard wedding and reception?! Perfect weather, lovely decor, gorgeous couple!  Yes. It was beautiful!  Carly was such a fun bride! And they had a wonderful bridal party, most of which Aric knew so it was fun for him to get to see some old friends! :) I’m nearing the end here and feel like I’m saying the same thing about each couple – but I can’t help but be so thankful for each and every one! They are all so great! And it’s such a blessing to be a part of each and every one of their big days! 19783-Edit

And lastly – here’s one from our latest engagement session in Downtown Fort Worth at the Stockyards! Josh & Brooke had their first date in the Stockyards so what could be a more fitting place for their engagement photos?!  These two are both Doctors with very busy schedules, but in their free time they love to go two-stepping and go out to hear local Fort Worth music! (I love when our couples have fun hobbies that they share with us!) We made our way around the stockyards and then ended up at Cadillac’s where they had dinner on that first date! Can’t wait to share some more from their session!IMG_6963-Edit


May 14, 2013

I’ll go ahead and skip the pleasantries and get straight to the photos! I’m just a little obsessed with Chelsey’s Monique Lhuillier wedding gown!  And the fact that she pulled her hair down at the end of her session for some glamorous and relaxed beauty shots!  Just look at the detail of the lace! It’s incredible  And Chelsey wore it so well!  She also had some “to die for” gold sparkle Jimmy Choo shoes! Talk about designer heaven! 😉  We started her session at our studio downtown.  I just love the light that we get in there and some of the classic and simple shots that we are able to get inside before we do the rest of the session outdoors! We also did some shots at her wedding venue First Baptist Church Lubbock downtown before we headed to our favorite spot to catch the sunset!  Chelsey is a gorgeous girl inside and out! And she’s got the sweetest southern accent ever “ya’ll” 😉 Enjoy a few of our favorites from her bridal session!

Happy Tuesday everyone!0101_FAVORITES 0106_FAVORITES 0113_FAVORITES 1032_BCL 1034_BCL 1055_BCL 1065_BCL 1071_BCLcopy1 1082_BCL 1094_BCL 1116_BCL

February 25, 2013

I just LOVE Melody’s mix of classic and modern with her gorgeous lace wedding gown and her fun top knot.  I mean, who else could make that look so good?!  Melody is one stunning bride and it was so much fun to photograph her!  I’ve been saving these for a rainy day, but a snow day will do, too! I wish we could have photographed her in the snow! I think she would have loved it, and she came prepared with her scarf and jacket! Just gorgeous! Enjoy a few favorites from her bridal session! Hope everyone is staying nice and warm today!


Fall Ivy colored wall bridal portrait lubbock photographerGorgeous Lubbock Bridal PortraitsClassic Bridal portraits in Lubbock Texasclassic black and white bridal portraitsGorgeous bride in a field lubbock texasLubbock Wedding photographerContemporary women's portraiture Lubbock, TX

October 30, 2012

I realize it’s been WAY too long since I’ve last posted a bridal session – So here’s beautiful Jyl! She got married at the end of September and was such a gorgeous bride! We had a beautiful day to take her bridal portraits! The light was perfect!

Enjoy this beautiful bride! xoxo

January 05, 2012


We got to go down to Dallas a few weeks before Alli got married and shoot her bridals at The Adolphus Hotel where she was getting married! It’s always such an adventure shooting in a new place that we’ve never been before! The French room provided a luxurious and elegant backdrop for her bridal pictures! And seriously, this girl is stunning! We made our way around the hotel shooting in every nook and cranny that we could find, and then headed outside for a few natural light images to finish off the session!

Hope you guys enjoy a few of our favorites!

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September 12, 2011

I’m so excited to finally share this gorgeous bride’s bridal pictures! She got married this past weekend at the American Wind Power Center and Museum and College Flowers and Jill Leven hit everything out of the park! It was unbelievable! I can’t wait to share the wedding!! But for now you’ll just have to enjoy these from her bridal session and the gorgeous bouquet that College Flowers made for it! :)

Sunflower wedding bouquet

Lubbock power and wind wedding photography

bride with shotgun

red white and blue cowboy boots with wedding dress

lubbock wedding photographer

Lubbock bridals

college flowers Lubbock wedding bridal bouquet

beautiful serene bridal pictures

bride with pearls and veil

college flowers lubbock sunflower bouquet

lubbock sunset bride