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March 19, 2013




Ya’ll…we have the greatest friends! Really and truly! I’ve made it a goal of mine for the year to take more personal photos.  If you’re a photographer reading this, you know how hard it is to actually WANT to carry that big camera around with you when you do things.  You don’t want to feel like you’re working, you don’t want to carry it, keep up with it, or have to worry about working on those “personal” photos later when you know you’ve got so many other photos to work on for paying clients!

But when I do that – I miss out on capturing the simple day to day moments that we have and enjoy! So Aric & I have been pushing each other to bring the camera along when we do things.  We’ve left it several times, but like I said we’re trying to get better!

So here are a few snapshots of what’s been happening around here!

We LOVE game nights with friends around a dining room table with a glass of wine. Have you ever played “Nertz”? If not, you should try it! It’s lots of fun! Isn’t our friends’ baby girl ADORABLE? I’ve got pictures of her I still need to blog! (Yes, again, we are like the only one of our friends who isn’t having a baby right now! Crazy!!)


Now that we are all settled into the house, Aric is back at his projects! I love this for him! Because he so enjoys doing things like this…and he’s SO GOOD.  Here he’s building a prototype farmhouse table for our patio, so that next he can build the “real” one for our kitchen with some old reclaimed lumber we got from an antique store near Fredericksburg. I’ll have to take a final picture of the patio table once we’ve got it stained! It looks SO GOOD! Can’t wait to have friends over and cookout!1007_aricandcasey

I’ve been cooking! Haha! I don’t know what I would do without pinterest in my life! So many yummy recipes I’ve been trying! While Aric was working on the table one night, I made a homemade skillet lasagna that was delish! And so quick and easy!1010_aricandcasey

<3 him!1100_aricandcasey

And the rest of these are mostly from March and our trip to Vegas for WPPI.  Here we are all ready to go to the Lasers and Blazers party!1101_aricandcasey

Our sweet friends Caitlin & Ryan came to WPPI for their first time with us this year and we had such a great time! Love all the lights in Vegas…1102_aricandcasey 1103_aricandcasey

And lastly, as promised! A little sneak peek at our engagement session from last Friday when we got back! And our last February wedding! I told you I was gonna blog better! 😉

Kembra & Dustin are high school sweethearts and truly, it doesn’t get much cuter than them.  They were so kind and sweet and adorably in love for their session! I’m so looking forward to their hometown wedding this summer! And so excited for them to be tying the knot!

And a quick teaser from Joanna & Jaymac’s wedding! I just love this couple! I need to blog Joanna’s bridals soon, because those eyes of hers?! Are absolutely incredible! It’s the best when you can tell a couple is REALLY in love, and these two are just that! I loved their ceremony, and my favorite part? When Joanna offered Jaymac a wispers toothbrush before the kiss (per her bridesmaids persuasion)! It was priceless! 😉1611_WJJ-Edit1637_WJJ-Edit

March 18, 2013

I’m pretty sure I titled a blog this same title at some point last year.  It’s just so fitting for life. Day after day, grace upon grace is showered over us and I wish I stopped to recognize it more.  Right now could be one of the most difficult places I’ve been in a long time.  And I’ve never been more happy, more calm, more full of thanks for where I’m at.  March is our travel month for this part of the year.  It’s when WPPI is, it’s when weddings are slowest, and for some reason we just can’t seem to sit still and stay put in one place for longer than like a week apparently.  WPPI as always, was a blast.  It was a learning experience. It was encouraging and it was hard. Hard to pay $30/meal per person every day, hard to stay up late and get up early, hard to take a look at where we are in business and think, man there is so much more we can/should be doing, and hard to be honest with ourselves and ask why we aren’t!

This week/weekend I’m so thankful to get to spend a short vacation with my mom, sister, and grandma! We’ve never done anything like this, and I’m so looking forward to resting in the beauty of these incredible women and role models in my life for a few days! I’m also already looking forward to getting back and getting to work! I’ve got so many plans for April! It’s gonna be a busy month, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! Bring it on!

I’ll be posting some more personal images tomorrow from our trip and what we’ve been up to, as well as a sneak peek at our last engagement shoot and wedding!



January 03, 2013

It’s a little late, I know. But happy new year everyone! I know it’s been a while. And I’m sitting over here doing my best not to beat myself up about. This past year was a growing one for sure. In life, in business. And I’ve already started making changes for the new year.  I didn’t make any resolutions. But I did set goals for myself and for our business. And I’m so fired up to make those goals happen this year! 2013, I’m ready for you!!


August 19, 2012

Wow. Have I really not blogged in a whole month? :-/

It seems like every summer I learn a new angle in the life of being a self-employed photographer.  It feels like every conversation goes something like this: “You guys are really busy, huh?” Or… “This is your busy season, right? Are ya hangin’ in there.” To be 100% truthful- I hate those conversations. I hate saying over and over “We’re so busy”. It feels like a complaint, and I absolutely want nothing to do with that. Although most of those conversations end in… “Well, that’s a good thing that you’re busy.” I still feel like it doesn’t give justice to what life is really like.  Sorry if none of this is making sense… I have a tendency to write or think in fragments and although most of the time it makes sense to me in my head- it doesn’t always translate on paper. What I’m trying to say is… Life is good. It’s really good.  And when I say that, I’m by no means bragging. It’s hard, that’s a fact. There are days that I do want to wallow in the sorrows of “being so busy” and overwhelmed, and behind, and worried, and the list goes on.  But that way of thinking never got anyone anywhere. No matter how busy, how far behind, how worried or overwhelmed I am there is one constant. I am so blessed.  I am loved.  And my God is really really good. Grace is poured out on me and my life in the most incredible ways. My life, my love, my friends, my family…Busyness, the unknown, the weight of life and the acknowledgement that I’m not in control, I don’t have it all together and I’m failing daily to do the right things- all evidences of grace in my life and I’m so so thankful.

Here is just a glimpse of our summer so far:

Shot lots of weddings and sessions (so grateful for this blessing and for all of our clients)

Hired a new associate shooter for ACP (who is amazing, who we love, and who makes our job that much more enjoyable every day)

Moved (within Lubbock, not planning on leaving anytime soon!)

Attended a friend’s wedding in Houston

Visited Family in DFW & ABQ

Shot a promo video for Je-T’adore in Albuquerque

Set up and coordinated with College Flowers and Miss New Mexico as well as Los Poblamos Lavender Farm in Albuquerque for a styled shoot

Filled up an 8 terabyte Drobo

Shot newborn and maternity sessions for lots of past wedding clients (which was so fun!)

Shot more boudoir and beauty session in these few months than I have all year! (exciting)

Almost finalized a new blogsite for our photo booth company 4 Frames (coming soon)

Sat at my desk in front of the computer editing for hours at a time (and still have many hours ahead of me, thank goodness for Pandora radio! 😉 )

Helped friends announce they were pregnant with photos & video

Spent a week with Aric’s “brother” while he was on leave from being an army ranger

Spent that same week cherishing time with dear friends before they moved to Boston for 2 years

Got a bodyworks membership and started working out on a regular basis

Grown friendships with incredible people that we love dearly

Celebrated 3 beautiful/trying/refining/and exciting years of marriage

Were constantly encouraged by our amazing clients, complete strangers, a text or an email from someone who kindly took the time to tell us we were doing a good job (especially on the days that we don’t feel like we are)

I know I could keep going, but kind of doubt that anyone besides my mom (:) hi mom) is still reading this far… The bottom line is I’m thankful, and I’m gladly working hard to “catch up” and start sharing again more images from the shoots and weddings we’ve been so blessed to be a part of.

Thanks for believing in us. :)


As usual, I don’t even know where to begin with this post. If ever Aric & I saw CLEARLY the Lord’s perfect plan play out for us and our business it would have to be the past couple of months or so as Deborah has become a part of our team, our business, our daily lives.  Deborah emailed us earlier this year after I posted that we were looking for a new intern to help us out.  I was really excited when I saw that even though she has a full time job as a nurse- she would love to come in on her days off to help us out with the monotonous office duties that we spend a lot of our days doing.  We waited a few months before we actually sat down and finally decided to set up interviews for the few people who were interested in the position.  We have a small history with Deborah- we got to shoot her sister’s wedding in 2010 and again one of her best friends’ weddings last September.  She’s always the kind of person who is easy to talk to and get along with, funny, and personable. So as she walked up to the coffee shop for our “interview” I was just excited to get to see how life was going for her.  As we talked about the job and what it would include, she shared that, yes she was interested in photography, but if we needed her to lick envelopes all day she would. Whatever we needed, she’d be happy to help.  Reluctantly she shared some of her own images with us and we both could tell she had a great eye and a heart for shooting portraits.

Long story short- after the meeting Aric & I got in the car with the same exact thought in mind.  Hire Deborah (we call her “Debs”) with the intent of training her as a portrait shooter under our brand.  This may sound crazy, but we rarely have the exact same ideas about things- but this was a no brainer for both of us.  One thing that stuck out in both of our minds was that she said she prayed that if photography were to be a bigger part of her life- if she were to be a “photographer” that the Lord would send someone that she could do it with.  She didn’t want to do it by herself.

The truth is ladies and gentlemen- I don’t think I would want to do it without her- now that we’ve had her around for the past month and a half!  We’ve been working on a portfolio with her that will be a part of the blog soon! Seriously guys. She’s amazing! She’s great with kids and families. She’s a nurse so I feel more confident at a newborn session with her than by myself. And she’s a rockstar at shooting couples and seniors as well. (Not to mention she will also be shooting boudoir and beauty sessions under Je-T’adore as well!)  She’s constantly making us laugh, she is such an eager learner, and motivates us both to work harder and be better.  She’s an absolute joy to be around and on the days that she can’t be in the office to work with us we miss her! I’m so so excited that she’s become a part of the Aric + Casey Photography team and so looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses her in our business. He’s already used her to make life a little sweeter!

Everyone meet the newest family member of ACP- Deborah! (Deb, debs, or d-bebs) 😉

Email for Family, Maternity, Newborn, Senior, Couples:

Email for boudoir or beauty:

Lubbock Portrait PhotographerNatural Lubbock Family PhotographyWest Texas Portrait Photography

Here are a few samples of some of the shoots she’s done in the past couple of weeks with us! :) Enjoy!

maternity and children's photographer in lubbockLubbock maternity photographernewborn photography in Lubbock txdowntown lubbock family pictureslubbock family photographerLubbock newborn photographerlubbock boudoir photographer jetadore boudoirlubbock boudoir photographerLubbock boudoir photographers

…it takes them 2 years to finally post the photos! Haha…okay not really for most people. But sadly it did take me 2 years to actually finally sort through all 6,000+ images that we took from our travels and choose some favorites to share with you all.  Every time I would start to sort through the photos I would get so overwhelmed and start to feel guilty for spending so much time working on my own photos instead of our clients and so I would stop and put it off for another day.  Well that day has finally arrived and I hope you guys can enjoy these and be taken away to another place if only for a few minutes, today!

Lately we’ve had several friends who are either about to travel overseas or have just come back from trips and it’s had me reminiscing about going back to Europe and shooting and traveling with my favorite travel partner (Aric of course).  We’ve been talking about going again sometime sooner rather than later… And I simply cannot wait. I believe it’s something everyone should do at least once in their life!  Life is too short and there’s SO much of the world to see and experience! I don’t care what you have to do…start saving now! and make it happen!

There’s way too many photos for me to explain each one of them, but as an overview all these photos are either in Paris or Bordeaux France, On a train going through the Alps, in Milan, Cique Terre, Lake Como, or Lake Maggiore Italy, or in London! And yes they are from 2 years ago, hence my short hair in all the photos! 😉


Bordeaux France WeddingChateau Lagorce Details FranceFrance summer wildflowersBordeaux France Landscape photofrance lovewine tours bordeaux francetraveling in wine region francebicycle france travel photocinque terre italy love letterslake como italy travel pictureslovers locks on bridge at cique terre italyeurope travel photoslake maggiore italyeuropean train ridelake maggiore boats docked europe travel photographyitaly destination weddinglondon united kingdombalcony paris francetrain station in paris franceeiffel tower paris france photoslandscape photographerwedding and portrait photographer paris francedestination city of lovemapsmapping out our travels for the day in paristhe loft we stayed inus at the lourve in franceparis at nighttea in londonbig ben londonmind the gap

March 21, 2012

 I found this on a blog I follow and thought I’d do it too! :)

I would love to know what you guys like to see most? Or what you would like to see more of? Do you love all the weddings/sessions and want only that? Or do you like some personal posts too? Did you like the vendor spotlight? Should we do more of those? Would you like to see Aric blog?!?! (hint, hint) :)  I’m just trying to make a blogging plan for this year so I don’t go for weeks without a post! Let us know! We’d love your feedback!!!

Age: 24 :)
Bedsize: King.
Chores that you hate:  Um…the better question is which ones do I NOT hate? :) Probably laundry.
Dogs:  No :( 😉
Essential start to your day:  coffee.
Favorite color: purple.
Gold or Silver:  I’ve always been a silver girl- but I’m catching on to the gold trend lately
Height: 5 feet/11 inches.
Instruments you play: air guitar?!
Job title: Photographer
Kids: Someday someday
Live: Good ol’ Lubbock
Mother’s Name: Marcy – “Mom” is what I call her- and most recently “Grammy”
Nicknames: Case? Aric calls me “babe” 😉
Overnight hospital stays: Not fully overnight- but I was in the ER once until like 2 A.M. or something
Pet peeves:  people who look for the worst in everything instead of finding the good
Quote from a movie or tv show:  “I’m gonna have pancakes with a side of pancakes.”
Right or Lefty:  Righty.
Siblings: One older sister
Time you go to bed:  Umm… it changes almost daily but I’m a night owl… Definitely not in bed before 11 or 12
Underwear:  Yes?
Vegetable you hate:  spinach – although I like spinach in my salad and as a dip…so I don’t even know if that really counts. 😉
What makes you run late: Aric. hahaha… Don’t tell him I said that!
X-Rays You’ve Had:  ankles, spine – nothing recent though
Yummy food you make:  oreo balls
Zoo Animal:  Giraffe
And because no post is complete without a picture- here’s one more favorite from Ashley & Taylor’s session!
Lubbock film photographer
February 29, 2012

Is February REALLY already over?! I always look forward to this month of the year. It’s usually one of our most open months and we try to plan a few trips to take advantage of the time off. But it always goes by WAY too fast!  This month we celebrated Aric’s 27th birthday, Valentine’s Day, Moved, Vacationed to Breckenridge Colorado with sweet friends and Aric re-taught me how to snowboard, Went on a short trip to Ruidoso with more sweet friends where I got a *little better at the whole snowboarding thing, visited my family in Dallas on our way through to Vegas for the annual WPPI conference where we saw even more sweet friends from all over the country!  Over the past year I’ve realized I have become really bad about documenting the stuff that we do with my camera. I always bring it with me, but I just get tired of lugging the big thing around and always feel a little ridiculous when I pull it out or make our friends “get together for a picture” and then feel like I’m ‘that’ person with the camera! HAHA…but I decided I needed to get over that, because we’re missing precious memories- so I tried to be better about taking pictures of our adventures!  Here are a few images from our trips! I’m so thankful for the friends we have in our lives! They really do make life that much sweeter!

Happy Leap Day, Everyone!


P.S. what do you think about the new blogsite?!?!?!  EEk! I’m so excited about it, but we’re still making changes, so I’m not gonna do a big post about it until we’re done! 😉

First up, our trip to Breckenridge, Co.

golden city brewery colorado

We took our time getting to the cabin from the airport and stopped by a few local breweries for the guys to try out the beer!
tommyknockers brewerybreckenridge colorado

With all the beautiful couples at dinner!giampetro's breckendridge

And we’re back at the slopes in Ruidoso…

We played lots of dominos, sat by the fire, and can you believe that was a vacation breakfast spread at the bottom?! Seriously, I have awesome friends!ruidoso snowboarding trip aric and casey photography

Um…how fun is this?!?!? They just came up and ate out of our hands!!

Check out that facial hair. Good work men. 😉

Here’s the whole group. Love these people…and sad we missed some of the others who couldn’t make it!

Precious couples!

And last, but not least here’s a few from my point and shoot in Vegas! Most of these were from our first night there. We spend most of our days in classes and walking through a GIANT trade show looking at all the fun products and choosing the best for our clients!! Then at night we get to hang out with all the amazing friends we’ve made over the years! Truly-the people in these photos are some of the most insanely talented, beautiful, giving people I’ve ever met- and I’m honored to call them friends!

And for your viewing pleasure check out everyone’s work! Listed as they appear in the photos clockwise starting with the top right image (first 4 photos only)

Geoff Duncan of Austin, TX:

 Geoff and Aric met in college and have stayed friends ever since!  They both have incredible business sense and when they get together that’s pretty much all they can talk about. Business and dreaming big! 😉

Bottom Right picture: Jason Huang of Dallas & California:

 You might recognize this guy…he shot our wedding!! :) But it was actually in Vegas where we first met him and became friends. We’ve been so blessed by this guy. He’s amazingly talented and incredibly smart. He’s been a mentor but most importantly a friend to both of us. Go ahead and go drool over his work on his blog! And be sure to check out his video site too! He’s amazing!

Bottom Left corner: Jan Schill of Durango, CO and Meaghan Elliot of Pittsburg

Really, I don’t even know where to begin with these two. I love them so much! I met Meaghan along with so many other AMAZING women at the Love Affair workshop that I went to a few years ago. Then when we all got together after the workshop one of the girls brought Jan along and I’m so thankful they did, because Jan is awesome and so so much fun! I wish these girls didn’t live so far away, but it’s always so fun when we get to see each other! 

Now onto the top left corner- one of Aric’s favorite people ever- Akil Bennett with his beautiful wife, Alex of Houston, TX :

Bottom Left corner- Ben and Erin Chrisman of San Francisco, CA:  I really don’t even need to say anything about these people. You just NEED to go look at their blog. They are kind of like our heroes! Haha. They are incredible photographers and such genuine people. I mean these are the “celebrity” type people that we meet at WPPI and every year they still remember us “little” people. 😉 I think that says a lot about the kind of people they are!

And last but not least that’s us with some of our very own “Lubbock people!” Betsy Lackey: and Alexandra Nanny:

February 15, 2012

I started a blog post several weeks ago with this title…and never finished it. Now I’m not even sure what I was planning to write, although I’m sure it was something incredibly profound. 😉 Often times I realize that I tend to hold myself back.  Afraid to put myself out there. Afraid to say or do the wrong thing. Afraid that someone won’t like it. Afraid that maybe it will hurt me or our business. But this year for me isn’t about being scared. This year is about “Feeling the fear and going for it anyway”. (I’m pretty sure that was Lara Casey that said that…)

I’ve found myself seeking encouragement and words to inspire on THIS SITE a lot lately.  I love the truth and the passion that they put into making things happen, into life in general.  This year has already presented it’s own share of challenges and it’s also opened doors for change within ourselves and our businesses. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s invigorating. And I’m not prepared to sit on the sidelines and let these opportunities pass by or let the challenges leave me paralyzed with fear. I have been overwhelmed lately by the amount of Grace there is in my life. From where I am, to what I do, to the people that pour their love and friendship into my life daily, to the incredible Grace I know through Jesus. As things change and opportunities come and go- I wholeheartedly pray to rely on that through it all. I’ve tried to do it on my own in the past and it’s been disastrous! I’m so humbled daily by what the Lord has given…and I’m fully ready to count out the blessings and return thanksgiving as grace upon grace is poured out over me.

My incredible Husband brought home these flowers yesterday. And I literally photographed them for probably 20 minutes. Sometimes I feel the photographs don’t represent the beauty of what I’m photographing well enough.  I could have stared at them all day and never stopped finding new things to sigh over. Here is just a small example of the grace in my life that represents so much more… :)

Hope you like them…I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be turning some of these black and white and blowing up a giant canvas for our new house in the future…


aric and casey photographybeautiful macro flowerscollege flowers valentine's arrangement

February 14, 2012

I couldn’t help but wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with my newest Valentine- my precious baby niece! :) If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will! I LOVE getting to do little mini shoots with her when we visit. It’s so much fun! So enjoy these, and check back later…in honor of the Love holiday I’ll be posting a new wedding on the blog! One that I LOVED from this past fall! 😉

Baby Valentine Shoot Be MineBaby Valentine's Day picturesAdorable Valentine's Day Shoot