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February 12, 2014

Here’s another one of those…”Man, my husband is super talented!” moments for me! :)  I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again probably – but in the beginning ALL Aric & I wanted to shoot was weddings! Weddings, weddings and more weddings! And while we still love us a beautiful wedding and love story, it’s been fun for us to branch out into portraits over the last couple years!   We shot Grant’s older sister’s senior portraits just a couple years ago and I can’t believe he’s a Senior now!  You’ll be able to gather most of this from his photos, but Grant is a musician! An awesomely talented musician and just an overall well rounded guy!  He belongs in LA, doing something creative!  Senior portraits are all about capturing a Senior’s style! Their hobby’s and activities that they are so passionate about at this time in their lives! I love that Grant incorporated his brand new Camaro into the shoot, as well as his musical loves (both guitar and drums).  Grant will be graduating from Trinity High School this year and plans to attend Texas Tech University in the fall!  I can’t wait to see what he does!  I know he’ll be a world changer!

Okay enough chatting – onto some of the best High school Senior portraits I’ve ever seen!  (And I can say that, because Aric shot all of these!)  :)


And Email us to set up a shoot if you’re a Senior!Lubbock High School Senior Photographer Trinity Christian High School Senior Photography TCHS Senior Photography lubbock portrait photographer 0118_FAVORITES lubbock senior photographer unique high school senior photography best senior boy photography 1014_SGA camaro for high school pictures 1112_SGA 1119_SGA 1123_SGA lubbock senior photographer

We’ve still got some spots available for our mini sessions November 11th! Email us to book yours today!

I’ve got a full lineup of blog posts for this week, but I couldn’t help but share a sneak peek first!! Do we have some gorgeous clients or what?!?!

xoxo, Happy Monday!!

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As usual, I don’t even know where to begin with this post. If ever Aric & I saw CLEARLY the Lord’s perfect plan play out for us and our business it would have to be the past couple of months or so as Deborah has become a part of our team, our business, our daily lives.  Deborah emailed us earlier this year after I posted that we were looking for a new intern to help us out.  I was really excited when I saw that even though she has a full time job as a nurse- she would love to come in on her days off to help us out with the monotonous office duties that we spend a lot of our days doing.  We waited a few months before we actually sat down and finally decided to set up interviews for the few people who were interested in the position.  We have a small history with Deborah- we got to shoot her sister’s wedding in 2010 and again one of her best friends’ weddings last September.  She’s always the kind of person who is easy to talk to and get along with, funny, and personable. So as she walked up to the coffee shop for our “interview” I was just excited to get to see how life was going for her.  As we talked about the job and what it would include, she shared that, yes she was interested in photography, but if we needed her to lick envelopes all day she would. Whatever we needed, she’d be happy to help.  Reluctantly she shared some of her own images with us and we both could tell she had a great eye and a heart for shooting portraits.

Long story short- after the meeting Aric & I got in the car with the same exact thought in mind.  Hire Deborah (we call her “Debs”) with the intent of training her as a portrait shooter under our brand.  This may sound crazy, but we rarely have the exact same ideas about things- but this was a no brainer for both of us.  One thing that stuck out in both of our minds was that she said she prayed that if photography were to be a bigger part of her life- if she were to be a “photographer” that the Lord would send someone that she could do it with.  She didn’t want to do it by herself.

The truth is ladies and gentlemen- I don’t think I would want to do it without her- now that we’ve had her around for the past month and a half!  We’ve been working on a portfolio with her that will be a part of the blog soon! Seriously guys. She’s amazing! She’s great with kids and families. She’s a nurse so I feel more confident at a newborn session with her than by myself. And she’s a rockstar at shooting couples and seniors as well. (Not to mention she will also be shooting boudoir and beauty sessions under Je-T’adore as well!)  She’s constantly making us laugh, she is such an eager learner, and motivates us both to work harder and be better.  She’s an absolute joy to be around and on the days that she can’t be in the office to work with us we miss her! I’m so so excited that she’s become a part of the Aric + Casey Photography team and so looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses her in our business. He’s already used her to make life a little sweeter!

Everyone meet the newest family member of ACP- Deborah! (Deb, debs, or d-bebs) 😉

Email for Family, Maternity, Newborn, Senior, Couples:

Email for boudoir or beauty:

Lubbock Portrait PhotographerNatural Lubbock Family PhotographyWest Texas Portrait Photography

Here are a few samples of some of the shoots she’s done in the past couple of weeks with us! :) Enjoy!

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November 02, 2011

This was such a fun shoot for us! Seniors are so much fun to be around! They are so excited about life and looking forward to the next step, while still so happy in the place that they are! I was so excited when Taylor’s mom called us about shooting her senior pictures! This family holds a special place in our hearts! I’ve known them for a long time and let me tell it sure makes me feel old knowing that Taylor is a SENIOR in high school!! What?! When did that even happen?! She is such a gorgeous girl! And she made our job so easy!! She’s finishing up her Senior year at Trinity Christian High School and is planning to attend Tech (Yay! go Raiders!) next year and study either Fashion Merchandising or Physical Therapy!! I know whatever she chooses she will excel at it! Okay enough talking- enjoy a few favorites of this beautiful girl!


Trinity Christian High School Cheerleader Senior

Lubbock High School Senior Track Athlete

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Trinity Christian Senior photographer

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lubbock senior

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Seriously? These next to are my faves! I couldn’t decide between the smile and the serious look. Both are so beautiful!

classic senior photography lubbock

Trinity Christian High School Seniors

Fun senior pictures lubbock photographer

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November 01, 2011

I wanted to blog really quick before our workshop today! (EEEK!! I’m so excited about that <<) Anyway- we got to shoot some beautiful people this weekend and I wanted to share just a few teasers with you all! Happy November!!


happy bride and groom

romantic black and white wedding picture in lubbock texas

Trinity Christian High School Senior Pictures

October 27, 2010

Woo Hoo!! Our first 2011 senior!! And hopefully not our last! LOL.

Kayla was so much fun to hang out with!  She is crazy beautiful and has a heart of gold.  AND she’s a volleyball all-star! 😉 Listening to her talk about her aspirations and dreams got me thinking about my own.  She’s one inspiring girl and I know she’s going to do great things in her future! Besides being our first 2011 Senior, we are also excited about the awesome opportunity to mentor her for her senior seminar class!  We are so excited to get to show her all about running and photography business and hopefully teach her something new.  (And Aric is bound and determined to help her make like 110 on her projects) (Even if the teacher isn’t offering extra credit) LOL (I love him!)

Anyway, I’m excited to introduce you to Shallowater High School Senior, Kayla!

** Favorites! Kayla, You are GORGEOUS! :)

October 19, 2010

Lucky me…I got chosen for Jury duty on Monday.  Yep, so I had to sit through a trial the past couple days and it was torture with all the goodness I have to share!!

First things first. Last week we had the coolest opportunity to hang out with a fellow photographer here in Lubbock, Amy Rose King.  She is doing this awesome project where she is interviewing all the Lubbock photographers and then sharing pictures and the interview on her blog!  Go check out our interview HERE!!

Still working on finishing up edits to share Karen & Jeff’s wedding, along with…

This gorgeous girl’s senior session:

And this precious couple’s engagement session!


March 30, 2010

It’s funny sometimes, the things that go through my head when I’m thinking of poses for our shoots, but this one was extra special.  You see, 9 times out of 10 we are shooting girls, mainly brides and I feel like we have a pretty good handle on how to pose them.  But yesterday, we were scheduled to shoot a senior Boy.  Just one boy!  For an entire session!! Talk about scaring me out of my mind. I don’t know how to pose a guy! I spend all my time looking and bridal and fashion magazines, not Sports Illustrated, or even GQ!  But once we got there, my nerves were eased.  I didn’t have to have a posebook for guys in my back pocket.  I just needed to let him be himself!  And that he was.  With that charming smile, and confident, strong demeanor.  Jason is all boy.  And I loved having him on the other side of my camera!!

He and his mom came down from Plainview and we had a great time driving all over Lubbock.  He’s actually the brother of one of our Brides this summer!! He’s headed to Texas Tech next year!! (Woo hoo!!) And he’s planning to study Architecture!  But what an awesome senior year he’s having! Quarterback of his football team, his baseball team is 2-0 in district so far, and he’s learning to play guitar! So excited he’s gonna be a Red Raider!

Seriously? Does he have a charming smile or what?!

March 21, 2010

This has got to be the most fun I’ve had shooting in a while!  But of course it was fun- I was shooting my best friend, and doing whatever I wanted! haha.

Brooke and her husband Dean came down on Wednesday during their spring break and while Brooke and I went to hang out, get coffee and shoot – the boys played Call of Duty and bonded the way that guys do.  You know. Playing video games! haha.

Like I said in the teaser before, I have been obsessed lately with shadows and direct sun- so this was the perfect outlet for me to play around a little.  Not to mention the fact that my best friend is gorgeous and so fun to take pictures of.  I think overall the “fun” shoot was a success.  I got to shoot some new stuff, and the images that came from the session have Brooke written all over them.  Bright, colorful, beautiful, free, inspiring, feminine… those are all words that I would use to describe Brooke.  Hopefully you will see all those things as well in the images below!

And P.S. If you didn’t notice the link on Brooke’s name up there- I linked to her new blog-it’s the perfect place to go and be inspired…I know I am-every time I read one of her posts! Go leave her some love if you check it out!



Sorry fellas, this girl is happily taken…

One of my favorites (below)

HELLO, gorgeous! Cut it out!

Love the motion in this one… so free…