Don’t judge me. I shamelessly watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and love it! 🙂

I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of blog posts! I’ve had to take a step away from the ol’ blog for a bit to clear my head. Oh yes, and do things like edit pictures for orders or albums instead of the blog…  I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to keep up. I feel like I’m still recovering from December and it’s already February. I’ll spend most of February recovering from January and the cycle continues…

We had some amazing weddings this month, along with the bridal show and prepping our house for the big remodel that may or may not happen in February.  We have the whole month of February free of weddings and shoots so hopefully we can get the remodel done before the spring and summer wedding season begins!!

We will also be heading out to Florida with my sweet sister and her hubby for a little bit of relaxation in the middle of life’s craziness.  I’m so looking forward to this trip.  To spend time with my big sister, to leave the computer, email and cell phone at home and for just a few days really focus on what matters and unplug from twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. etc. I simply can’t keep up. 😉

I’ll leave your with a couple teasers for now since no post is complete without one!

I’ll be back on the blogging train soon enough.  Just need a breather and a chance to let some stress disappear!  Thanks for sticking with me even though it’s been a while! I’ve gotten so many emails recently from wonderful blogstalkers who have been so encouraging! So thank you!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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