That’s how long I’ve been Aric’s wife! 🙂 

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! And we are celebrating our first ever wedding anniversary!!

Well…we didn’t do much celebrating yesterday, we were too busy working the Lubbock bridal show…but I think we will get a chance to celebrate in the next couple of weeks as some things slow down a bit.  I didn’t really know what I would say, or how I would put into one small blog post how much I love Aric, and how much fun this first year has been.  So I thought I’d just kind of go through the timeline an highlight some of our favorite memories of this first wonderful year together as husband and wife.  I said something earlier about how it’s been a lot of adventure, love and tons of laughter and that’s the truth.  Aric keeps me laughing constantly.  He reminds me to enjoy life.  He helps me loosen up a little and not be so serious.  And I don’t know what I would do without that…

Anyway, I won’t get too mushy- onto the highlights of this year!

August: Our wedding and honeymoon of course!! It was the best and I’m so excited that we get to go back again this year in November!! 

September: Settling into our home together.

October: All of Aric’s help with my homework! LOL I only had one class left to take and he was so helpful and supportive when I just hated it.

November: Going to Chicago for Thanksgiving with his Dad and family.  I was so afraid I was going to freeze, going up there so close to winter, but thankfully I didn’t!

December: Graduating from college and our first Christmas together!!

January: Our trip to California to shoot a wedding and visit San Francisco!  Also launching our new brand and doing the bridal show as a married couple!

February: Aric’s birthday with friends and Valentine’s day of course! 😉

March: Modeling for Mike Colon’s Thirst Releif mentor shoot in our wedding attire and WPPI in Las Vegas!

April: Spending most of that month in Dallas with our friend and own personal wedding photographer (Jason Huang of Table 4) to help him shoot some weddings!

May: My birthday! 😉 And the start of wedding craziness for the summer! 🙂 So thankful I get to work with him!

June: Um…that’s easy… Europe?!?! And helping Jason shoot a wedding in France?!?! Yeah, that would be the highlight of June for sure! 😉

July: Recovering from Europe and finally getting a bedroom set (almost a year later) 😉

We’ve gotten to travel and see so much together this first year.  We’ve learned a lot and still have a lot to learn.  And we have such amazing family and friends that love us and encourage us to love one another better!  I’ll leave you with some pictures from our big day! (Still look at these at least once a month…probably more!…) (Thanks Table 4!!)

P.S. Our main editing computer is getting a new hard drive so it’s at the apple store in Dallas since Lubbock doesn’t have one (hint, hint).  So, sorry in advance for the lack of posts.  We are gonna wait until we get it back to continue work on the weddings we are still working on!  Thanks for all your patience!!

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August 12, 2010
love the shot of the shoes hanging on the door. great job!