Okay, so I’m a little behind on my 5 things I love posts… But I’m not promising to be any better.  I only promise that this won’t be the last installation of 5 things I love. 🙂

So here goes…

#1 – Dave Barnes –  I’ve always like his music.  Out of Aric & I, it’s obvious I have the better taste for good music. (HAHAHA) I say this only because we joke about it all the time, He likes his rap, hip hop, r&b, dance mixes, and I’d rather listen to just about anything else…  So it’s funny that he’s the one that introduced me to Dave Barnes when we first met.  I immediately fell in love with his music and downloaded every last song I could find.  ALL of his music is wonderful-but I received a copy of his latest CD on Wednesday night and by lunchtime on Thursday, I already knew every single word to every single song… It’s still playing on repeat as I write this blog post.  I have a problem. I know.  You can download it here.

#2 – Paris – Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to travel to Paris.  It seems like one of those places that is so magical and romantic and beautiful and perfect… I’ve never done much traveling.  In fact, I’ve probably done more traveling in the past 2 years with Aric than I have the entire rest of my life…and I love it!  And I’m excited to share that my dream will finally come true of visiting Paris this summer! (among other European cities!) Me (& my camera) could not be more ecstatic!! I’m already making an idea book for all the scenic images I want to take and clearing off a space on our walls to make room for some wall art with the pictures!! 🙂  The image below used to be a poster that I hung above my bed… 🙂

#3 – Voice Changer App on my iPhone – This one may be a little juvenile…but trust me, I’ve had many laughs over this with a variety of different people and if it doesn’t make you laugh until your sides hurt, then there must be something wrong! It’s free… so you might as well try it! 🙂 (the mouse is the funniest…fyi)

#4 – Gilmore Girls – Don’t ask me why, but I LOVE this show. The series is over, but that’s what TV series on DVD are for!! 😉 I used to literally watch those DVD’s for hours in my room or with my old roommate, but now that my roommate is a boy I don’t get to watch them as much.  Usually when Aric leaves to hang out with some friends and I get some alone time, I’ll pop in a disc and watch a few episodes while eating a huge bowl of ice cream.  They are like my guilty pleasures!

#5 – Thirst Relief – Aric & I were introduced to Thirst Relief through the photography industry.  It just so happens this organization was thought up by a wedding photographer in Ohio, and he’s used the photography industry to help raise awareness and fund the program.

“Thirst Relief International is responding to the worldwide water crisis by helping thousands of families each year gain access to safe water through simple, low-cost means. A locally manufactured biosand filter or a well repaired by nationals has the power to radically improve the health and well-being of an individual, a family, a community.”

Each year there is a Thirst Relief Mentor Auction for one of the biggest photography conferences, WPPI, and bidding on a mentorship spot goes to the Thirst Relief cause.  This year we were SO humbled to be asked to help out with one of the mentorship shoots at WPPI in Las Vegas this year.  Mike Colon and David & Luke Edmonson led a shoot for about 16 photographers who bid on a spot to shoot and learn from them.  And lucky us, we got to get dressed up in our wedding attire and model for the shoot!!!!

You can view some images of us – here, here, here, or here.  I’m sure there are others, I just haven’t found them yet! 🙂

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May 3, 2010
LOVE Dave Barnes!! I have been listening to this cd over and over again!! Have you heard of Matt Wertz? They are both good friends. I actually heard of DB because he was playing at a MW concert! Both are amazing artist! We must both have great taste in music. :)