I’m finishing up one last wedding to put into a gallery, have plans to finally blog some of the images that we shot as second shooters for the wedding in France, and have an engagement session that still needs to be loaded/culled/and edited… But I thought I’d finally take a little break from all that work to post a 5 things I love post!!  It’s been forever!! And I just haven’t made time in my days to blog any personal posts…so here’s I think the 4th edition of 5 things I love! 🙂

1: Death by Love.  That sounds kind of scary right? You kind of want to know exactly what I’m talking about and I love the fact that this is the title of the book I’m currently reading!  A couple weeks ago we made a trip to Albuquerque NM for a client meeting and to catch up with Aric’s mom a bit, so we made time to visit the new Mars Hill Church in Albuquerque where one of our good friends and the guy that married us is a pastor at!   It was awesome, and so refreshing to finally be back in church for once! We have been on the go so much we have missed our church family here in Lubbock at Redeemer!!  Anywho, they were selling some books there…and any time there are a stand of books somewhere you can bet I will be browsing through them… So I somehow twisted Aric’s arm into buying me ANOTHER new book… 😉

I’m only a few chapters in, but already it’s changing my life!  Mark Driscoll is so real, and raw, and hardcore in his writing!! (yeah, I just used the word “hardcore” I’m just that awesome)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good book to be “in your face” about the reality of Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross- this is the book for you. It’s seriously intense!

2: I LOVE my sisters’ blogs.  I used sisters’ plural because although I only have one blood related sister, I also have a best friend who might as well be my second sister.  These two women are 2 of the most influential people in my life, so when they both started a personal blog I was ecstatic! (I’m kind of a blog stalker!!) 🙂  I love getting to share in their lives even though they both live farther away than I would like them to live from me! 🙂 And they always teach me so much through their writing! I’m so blessed by both of these wonderful girls!

You should check them out!

Lyndsay’s Blog: http://j-lmcfarland.blogspot.com/

Brooke’s Blog: http://releasemyheart.wordpress.com/

3: Grapefruit.  I’m addicted to it.  I would literally buy like 7 grapefruits for one week and more than likely they were all gone before a week was up.  I love to eat them for breakfast, for a snack, I would eat them for dinner if I could! They are just soooo good!! And then, my world got even better when I found out they sell packaged grapefruit already peeled and ready to eat!!! It was like christmas morning!! Now I get all the goodness of grapefruit without all the work!! AND I LOVE IT! 🙂

4: Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte.

That’s really all I have to say.  Every year right around the beginning of September, Starbuck’s announces they are bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte…and I wonder…why they ever take it out of their stores in the first place.  I understand that it’s the perfect “fall” drink.  But…I could probably still enjoy it during the summer and spring too… maybe?  Anyway, it’s back and life is just a little bit better because of it! 🙂

5: Last but not least…FALL!!! Fall is coming…the weather is (supposed to be) getting cooler, the trees will start changing, I’ll get to wear my boots and scarves and cute coats again and I’m so excited.  I simply adore the fall season.  It is my favorite!!

**Because it IS turning into fall…that means…Christmas is right around the corner!!  We will be offering family sessions with Christmas cards from now until mid-November so if your thinkin about it…it’s best to plan ahead!!! Also, we have been getting a few emails lately asking if we shoot Senior pictures and the answer is YES!!! We do!!! We have done a poor job of marketing that since we love shooting weddings so much, but YES we shoot SENIORS!!!  So if you’re a 2011 SENIOR and you are thinking about getting your senior pictures taken email us!!!


The first 5 Seniors that we book will get a smokin’ deal! 🙂

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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September 1, 2010
dude...you are seriously too good to me! thanks for the publicity...im sure my blog stats have already quadrupled. I'll have to ask Jesus to give me something so I can post, but ironically, He already did...hmm...and...I would have stolen your book from you if you had told me that it was by Mark Driscoll!! Love love love his stuff!! and yes, he is hardcore. Awesomely hardcore. ok, love you and have a great rest of the week!!