Because it’s just a fact of life that I really haven’t been blogging unless I have a session or wedding to show, I decided to come up with a few different ideas for blogging on those days that there are no new pictures to share.

One of my favorite bloggers/artists/photographers is Promise Tangeman.  Yes, her real name is Promise.  Anyway- she started doing a 5 things she loves every week where she shares fashion, organizations, videos, pictures, etc. of things that she loves!  So…I just so happened to decide to copy her. 🙂

And unfortunately I can’t say that I love my husband every week-because, well, that would just get boring for you guys.  So since things like Aric, my family, my friends, photography, etc. are givens…I’ll be thinking of NEW things that I love.  Every. Single. Week. Hmm…this should be interesting… Let’s get started!

#1- Life! – Seriously though, Discovery Channel’s new “LIFE” series is totally blowing me away.  I was a huge fan of Planet Earth when it came out (still am) but they have completely outdone themselves with Life.  Not only do I love watching it because I might learn something new, or because the HD quality is insane!, or even because it takes me places I will probably never go in my life… But I love watching it because it makes me so small.  And it makes my God SO BIG!!!  I mean really?!?! He thought up all of these animals?!  Flying Fish, and Plants that can trap and use insects for food, and the list goes on and on.  It’s just a real reality check to sit and marvel at God’s creation and just see his glory first hand.  I couldn’t embed the video of the flying fish that I was talking about- but here’s a link to the website.  Watch the videos, they will blow your mind! 🙂

#2 – Ella’s Tiny Two– This past weekend Aric & I happily attended one of our sweet friends’ little 2-year-old’s birthday party.  If you need to know one thing about Ella’s mom– It’s that she’s awesome. (Obviously) And she is hands down the best party planner I know.  She goes all out. Every time. And she’s crafty to top it off, so you can imagine what this “Tiny Two” birthday was like.  We didn’t end up taking any pictures – Brittany had that covered.  But Aric did try his hand at using the HD video on our cameras and we are workin’ on putting together a little video of the whole event! For now-go check out the pictures that Brittany took- HERE (That’s her picture that I stole below! 😉 )  And go check out Alison’s blog (Lullaby Lubbock- (HERE) for the behind the scene details of how she planned such a fun party!!

#3- Blue Sky Burgers– and their fries, and onion rings, and ice, and shakes, and… You get the point.  Hands down the best burger…probably ever.  Unfortunately for those of you that live outside of the West Texas area- they are only available here in Lubbock and in Amarillo… (Guess that means you need to come visit!!) 🙂

#4- Jack Bauer – Aric & I started watching the show 24 a couple years ago.  Him, myself, and my old roommate would stay up to all hours of the morning watching the seasons on DVD one hour after another.  We could have literally watched it for 24 hours straight if we didn’t have to go to class, work, or sleep! Jack is the man. He’s virtually indestructible.  Aric & I usually banter back and forth during the show saying things like- “Come on Jack, you should have seen that coming!”  “Somebody find Jack already!!” “Gosh, Jack is so cool.”  “Shut up and listen to Jack, people!!”   Hahaha…it’s quite fun- and I’m sure if anyone else were around while we are watching they would think we have literally gone insane, thinking this television character has come to life.  But that’s what I love about my husband and about Jack Bauer- we can turn watching a simple TV show into  much more than just watching a TV show!

#5 – Dunkin Donuts Coffee – My mom got me hooked on this.  And then every other person I know loves it too!  I mean, I love coffee in general.  In college I definitely spent way too much of my money on Starbuck’s and Sugarbrowns, but once I got married and actually realized that, I started using my coffee maker!! Now one cup of coffee cost fractions of what it used to- and sometimes it’s better!!

Okay, hope you guys enjoyed the first installation of 5 things I love!  ðŸ™‚ One of these days we’ll get Aric to add some of his favorite things…maybe.



BIG SMILE! I love to read and see into your everyday lives. It just makes me miss you guys even more. Love you!

dude…you rock! but…if you know about the blue sky shakes, that means that you have been again since we went together. you need to tell Aric that they will be around forever…lol…im just kidding! I guess I know where we will be on Saturday though!

This made my day!!! You are so sweet! I had no idea that Aric was taking video, I thought he was taking pictures the whole time! This makes me VERY excited! I can’t wait to see what he got on camera:) Ya’ll are the best, thank you for being a part of Ella’s tiny two celebration.

i’m going to really enjoy reading about things you love every week! i’m going to have to back you up on Tiny Two and Blue Sky… Most definitely things I love as well 🙂

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