sorry for the title…I just couldn’t find any words that would suffice to describe the INSANE excitement and incredible emotion that I’m feeling right at this very moment…

For starters- I have the MOST amazing boyfriend, best friend, and business partner IN THE WORLD!!!
so here’s a little clarification…

Today is Thursday (one of my favorite days of the week because I am finished with work and classes by 3:30 and have a few hours to myself before positioning myself in front of the computer to edit pictures or finish up some homework)
So I came home today, elated to be so close to the weekend with the plans to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls before getting back to work. I guess it’s just habit that I walk into my office to check my e-mail and take a peek at Facebook as soon as I walk in the door. So what’s the first thing that pops up on my news feed on facebook when it opens?- “Lauren Clark has uploaded new photos” Yesssss!! I thought to myself as I headed directly for her blog to drool over the perfect pictures that awaited me there. (I visit her blog probably twice a day…every day…even when she says she’s gonna be out of town-why?-who knows?!-I’m addicted or something…) So there I was, minding my own business scrolling down swiftly to find the first post-everything seemed perfectly normal to me and I almost missed it-
there’s the blog header…
the new partnership with the blalocks…
the love affair workshop reminder…
and now should be the new pic…
scroll back up
blog header…
love affair workshop reminder…
and OH!- they picked a new scholarship winner!- Lucky girl!!
and it read…

…”Love affair scholarship winner- We have a winner it’s Lubbock’s very own Casey from Aric Alan Photography!”

I totally missed it the first time… Wow it’s someone from Lubbock! That’s cool!!…I’m jealous. and her name is Casey!!–Casey who? I want to meet this girl!…from Aric Alan Photography…
Lubbock-Casey-Aric Alan Photography…
*shakes head, adjusts glasses…*
Lubbock-Casey-Aric Alan Photography…

THAT’S MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now back to the reason that I’m the darn luckiest girl on the planet. Because I get to go to the Love Affair Workshop? Yes. But mostly because the man of my dreams spent an entire week, staying up until 3 a.m. most nights with a group of his best friends and roommates to enter a contest for me. So that he could make one of my wildest dreams come true…
I’m a little overwhelmed. Excited. Speechless.
So I’ll go ahead and let the pictures do the talking…Look what Aric entered into the contest…
and go to the Love Affair Workshop Blog or Lauren’s Blog to see the whole story!

a giant ring…
and a sweet letter…(that I haven’t yet gotten to read!)

**Thank you Dillon, Aaron, and Lindsey for helping out too!! I feel so undeserving, and I am so very thankful for this incredible opportunity!!
***and I love you Aric! it’s impossible to put words to these emotions so that will just have to do for now–plus, the blog readers probably don’t want to hear any of the mushy things I would have to say! 🙂

…now back to viewing Lauren’s new pictures…


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October 2, 2008
I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is so great!
Congrats! :)
October 2, 2008
yay! yay! yay!

you need to hold on to that one! what a great guy for doing that!
stuart Blalock
October 2, 2008
Congrats Casey! That's awesome!!!
Brittany Strebeck
October 2, 2008
eeeeee i'm so excited for you casey! and you wrote that blog post PERFECTLY. i felt like i was experiencing all your crazy emotion with you :) so happy for you!
October 3, 2008
WOW!! Congratulations Aric & Casey. Aric you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and the love you show so openly for Casey. Casey you are a lucky girl.
October 8, 2008
Ok first let me say CONGRATULATIONS AND I AM SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!! :) I so want to go to Love Affair but can't afford it just yet. :(
Second, thank you soooo much for stopping by my blog, I'm not sure how you came across it but I'm glad you did because now I've been introduced to yours and your work is amazing :)
By the way, the lens I used on that ring shot was the Canon 28mm 1.8 lens. LOVE IT!