We are so glad you've stopped by. Whether you are a bride-to-be with a brand new ring on your finger, a couple anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new baby, or a family of 5 that just wants to remember this special time in pictures - we are truly so thankful you are here and so excited for the stage of life you are in!

When we started our business in 2007 we were just a couple of kids in love, with cameras, who loved documenting LOVE. We specialized in weddings from the beginning, but as our lives changed, and we grew older, our hearts were opened to the beauty and importance of documenting every life stage. Not just the wedding day. Everything from the engagement period, to a 50th anniversary...seeing what happens when two people fall in love is very real. And it's beautiful. Every step of the way!

If we were to sit down for dinner with you guys, this is what you'd learn about us. We are just like you. A couple. In love. Building a family. We are sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus & truly we are nothing without that. We love spending afternoons at the park with our son and daughter and we equally enjoy that time spent snuggling on the couch! Casey is a coffee drinker, and Aric is a whiskey drinker; although Casey loves a margarita every now and then! We are two artists. Dreamers. We love to travel and are so thankful for the incredible places photography has taken us!