Their story is unlike any others.  I was completely blown away when Alston told us that his and Jesalyn’s dad’s were best friends in college!!  It’s just funny to me.  Shooting weddings all the time, the dad’s seem to be the most reserved ones in the bunch.  They usually sit back quietly, spend time with their families, Father’s of the bride choke back tears as they walk their little girls down the aisle, and Father’s of the groom stand by and console mother’s of the groom… But how much fun is it going to be at a wedding where both Father’s are best friends?!?! I personally think it’s going to be awesome!

But even more than that, when Jesalyn said “Yep, we have a picture of us when we were babies, kissing…” I thought to myself that is UNREAL!! Who else has that?!?! And what a fun story!! They had meant to bring the photo so that we could use it a little in the session, but maybe they can bring it to the wedding and we can do something fun with it then.  Alston and Jesalyn were fun, laid back, and so in love…

Enjoy some of our favorites from their session!!

Favorite sequence!!


Great pictures – Their dad’s weren’t just College best friends- they have been friends sense they were little! They were each other’s bestman at their weddings too!

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