Hello Blog Friends! Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend! Aric & I have been in Chicago with his family, celebrating and taking a short break from the madness of Summer! 😉  We had a big 4th of July get together with his whole family in basically “the middle of nowhere” Illinois, then came back and watched a Cubs game at Wrigley field on Saturday, and spent a relaxing Sunday hangin’ out and window shopping… As much as I love to travel…I can’t wait to be home and back to work!

Okay! Enough about that! This blog post is for Amanda & Kyle!! I had met Amanda here and there throughout the past few years through mutual friends.  She was always so sweet and then we would go months before I would see her again…Fast forward to the end of last year – Her & Kyle started coming to our small group at church! It made sense…they were obviously a forever couple and our group of married, newlywed, and almost married couples welcomed them with open arms.  I don’t even know when or how it happened, but we became friends!  The days of looking at them from a distance thinking “Gosh, they are like the coolest couple ever” were over!  We caught a couple late night movies together, spent some Thursday’s at Chuy’s eating lots of free chips and queso together and then Kyle finally popped the question!! 😉

So…this was a particularly hard shoot.

Aric & I were honored and a little bit nervous when they asked us to take their engagement pictures! If you can’t just tell from their wardrobe choices – these two are artistic and fashionable and a million other words you would use to describe someone who might make you nervous to take their engagement pictures! It’s always a little bit challenging when a couple has a really distinct style – you want to make sure that the photos you take of them are going to be a good representation of them!

It’s one of the hardest things about being a photographer: constantly balancing our couples’ personal style with our own photographic style. Every year, we are blessed to work with tons of different couples in different cities.  And though we strive to make each session different, shooting each couple uniquely in “their” way poses a risk that our work could be all over the board…and when you hire a photographer for your ONE-TIME BIG event, you want to know that they can deliver consistent images…it’s pretty important!!  We personally believe it’s our job to photograph our couples’ personalities and connection first and locations second.  This allows us to capture images that are very “them” and that they love, but with locations and posing that reflect our style that they came to us for.  However, with Kyle and Amanda, they felt that their personalities were best represented in their clothes, the different locations in Marfa, stylish posing and unique composition of the images…almost the opposite of how we usually shoot.  Again, we wanted to make sure that we could capture images in the style they wanted, but in a way that was as consistent as possible with our style…after all, what a fun couple and unique session to be a part of!!  ðŸ™‚

So we found a free Monday- took a little road trip down to Marfa with these two and  spent the day shooting and exploring the wonders of Marfa, TX.  We got a trailer to stay in at El Cosmico called Little Pinky, while Kyle and Amanda spent the night in a Safari Tent! 😉  They even have tepees you can stay in!!!  (Check them out here) Every nook and cranny of El Cosmico was so cute and it felt like these two were at home!  Marfa was quite the adventure and we can’t wait to go back! We tried to see as much as we could, all the while shooting a session and stopping for breakfast, lunch and dinner, popping into coffee shops and thrift stores and trying to find places that weren’t closed! (FYI – if you’re gonna visit Marfa it’s best to go Thursday – Sunday) We also saw a few wedding venues down there that we wouldn’t mind shooting a wedding at **hint hint. 😉

And of course, the last stop on our trip was the Prada Marfa art installment that actually wasn’t even in Marfa, it was about a 45 minute drive from Marfa, but it was cool to see nonetheless.  And I love love love the images that we got while we were there!   I figure I have rambled on long enough and it’s time to share some images!! On another side note the first few images we shot the night before on our road trip down to Marfa – we were just driving along when we saw the sand dunes and we just HAD to stop, so luckily we had some models with us and Kyle and Amanda were sweet enough to entertain us for a bit while we got some shots before the sun went down!

Enjoy Amanda & Kyle and their Marfa Engagement Session! 🙂

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