Whether you are considering the First Look… of even if you’ve never even been interested in entertaining the idea….
PLEASE read this!!!

This is real life feedback from GROOMS…yes grooms, who had a First Look on their wedding day and WHY it was so great! 🙂


And P.S. all past grooms…beware- I may be emailing you soon for your own input! 🙂

Sorry in advance for the lack of posts…especially this week…
Did I mention we are rebranding?!?!…sooo…new website, new blog, new logo, new brand, new name?, new everything is in the works…And…we’ve got so much to get done! 🙂

aric + casey

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December 16, 2009
definitely the way to go! my older sis did it and it was just smooth sailin from then on. What's the ETA for the new look?