Every time I look back through this wedding I just can’t help but smile. It always reminds me that at the end of the day come rain or shine all that matters for your wedding day is that you’re married to the person of your dreams. And yes all the details are great and fun – but really who cares if they’re not perfect.  Weddings aren’t supposed to be about that anyway. They are about vowing to love and care for and honor and respect the person standing next to you like no one else. They are about bringing two families together and making them one. They are about celebrating the beautiful commitment of marriage and love to one person for the rest of your life. And truly Aubrey and Nate’s wedding was a celebration and reflection of all of that.  It rained. And they laughed. And hand in hand they walked down the aisle together as husband and wife and surely they thought-what a funny memory to share to our future kids and grandkids about our wedding day. 🙂  Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Course was an absolute dream venue to shoot at.  Hidden away up in the mountains of Albuquerque, Paa-Ko was an oasis of lush greenery and stunning mountaintop views! Aubrey and Nate were so much fun and SO in love! It was definitely an easy day of shooting to capture their love with our cameras! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy a few of our favorites! 😉


Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club Wedding

Albuquerque golf course wedding

Paa-Ko Ridge 19th hole wedding pictures

Paa-Ko Ridge Golf course wedding photographer

Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

Gerber Daisy wedding details

Albuquerque mountains wedding

colorful wedding details

Scenic wedding venue in New Mexico

Mountain scenic wedding in Albuquerque

emotional wedding photos

Notice the raindrops in these next two pictures?! I love it!! It was so beautiful!

wedding in the rain

bride married in the rain in Albuquerque mountains

Rainy wedding pictures

Paa-Ko Ridge golf course reception

Emotional speech wedding pictures

dance reception in Albuquerque

Paa-Ko Golf Course Reception Dancing

Grand Exit at Paa-Ko Golf course in Albuquerque NM


Love the emotion! Love the colors! Love the rain! Love the venue!

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