I’m surrounded by beautiful people.  Beautiful on the outside, yes, but even more beautiful on the inside.  I love photography.  That one simple word has brought so much to my life it’s crazy. Photography is how I met Aric, it’s how I fell in love with the job I will be pursuing for the rest of my life, it’s how I’ve gotten to travel to places I’ve never been before…and it’s how I’ve met some of the most awesome women in the world.  

Me & a couple other young photographers started having a “girls night”, “photo night”, whatever you want to call it about once every two weeks or so.  
These girls are a blast. They are funny. Talented. Beautiful. Sweet. Smart…. They have it all.  And it’s just a blessing to be around them. 
So last week we decided that instead of getting dinner, or ice cream that we should have a photoshoot for our meeting instead. (duh!)  Everyone was so nervous.  I mean, we’re supposes to be BEHIND the camera for pete’s sake- not in front of it!!!! But it was a blast-we each took our turn in front of the camera and I’m here to say that I ended up being the most awkward! LOL but it was fun anyway- and miraculously these girls got some good shots of me (I told you they were talented!) 
So without any further ado- here are my beautiful friends…



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April 6, 2009
These look amazing!
April 6, 2009
awesome awesome awesome!

it's been fun playing around with post processing, too!

can't wait for our next get together!