As the weeks have passed by faster and faster each one, I often run out of time in my day, run out of room on my to do list to keep up with our little blog! 😉

So much is going on here at Aric + Casey Photography that I can hardly keep up!!  But I wanted to give you guys a little update!

April & May were FULL of weddings and I’m slowly catching up to actually blog some favorite images from all of those!!  On the other hand- June and July are FULL of weddings so I’m just trying to stay afloat!! We have the most wonderful clients! And I’m so thankful for each and every one of you! You all have been so patient and so encouraging and we just love you guys to pieces!!

Since lately I work better in lists- that is how the rest of this post will go! 😉

1. Aric & I are officially an Aunt and Uncle!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost ridiculous how much I love and adore my baby niece! She makes the world stop and reminds me every day how beautiful life is! She has brought so much joy to our whole family!! My sister has done a great job of keeping us updated through her blog if you wanna check it out!  Isn’t she the CUTEST?!?!

2. We SOLD our house!!! What a blessing!! It was only on the market for about a month and now the chaos ensues as we begin packing up our home and finding a new place to move all this month!!! (AH!!)  A few people have asked if we were leaving Lubbock and the answer is NO!! I guess I should have clarified that before. But we are just moving to another home in Lubbock! Since we work from home and meet with clients in our home- we wanted to find a better space for that! So we are on the lookout! 🙂

3. In case you haven’t been to our website in a while- we have made a few changes! Some updates and I have started my own little division of the business just for me and all you girls!! I hope you’ll check it out…and help me spread the word!! 🙂

4. We have a new assistant!!!! Hooray!!! You might remember her from a shoot we did last year…We hired Kirby at the beginning of May and she has been helping us out tremendously! Plus it’s fun to have another girl in the office so we can veto Aric’s opinion on things! (haha…shhh, don’t tell him I said that!)  She fun, creative, and hard-working- and I don’t think we would have survived May without her! 🙂

Everyone meet Kirby! (This was from the shoot we did with her and her now husband last year…we’ll have to take a more recent one soon! ;))

5. I can’t even think about anything else to write here, but I still thought we needed a #5! 🙂  Happy Friday Everyone!



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June 8, 2011
What a beautiful young lady.