we’ve been trying to plan brandi and brett’s engagement shoot for a couple months now! we had a date all set in April, then the weather moved Brett’s baseball games so that fell through. The next date they had picked out-we ended up already having a shoot out of town, and when Tuesday of this week rolled around we thought we were gonna have to reschedule again because, well…Lubbock was covered in thunderstorms.
We went back and forth debating on what we should do up until about 5:00 then decided to head to Plainview to shoot instead. It’s always a little scary/exciting/intimidating shooting in a new town-but the results are always fun!
Brandi and Brett are adorable. They just have fun spirits and they were always making each other laugh. After the shoot we ended up going out for dinner on a little double date and it was so much fun. We’re so looking forward to their wedding next month at the Botanical Gardens in Amarillo!! 🙂
Enjoy some faves from their shoot for now…
aric + casey

tickle fights are always fun!!

I swear to you, no photoshop was used to enhance Brandi’s eye color. They are 100% real, and 100% absolutely beautifully stunning!

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June 5, 2009
so cute and her eyes are amazing!! i'm jealous of them!! awesome work, can't wait to see you on tuesday!!!
Lissa Anglin
June 5, 2009
These are awesome! I know these two and you captured them perfectly. Great job!!
June 5, 2009
I finally just have to say - I love your guys' work! Once upon a time four years ago, I was in San Diego the same time Aric was - I remember him because he gave this ridiculously amazing speech one night on our Night of Elegance. Just wanted to say how much I love the photos and have loved seeing all that you do - best wishes on your engagement/wedding/marriage!
Brittany Strebeck
June 5, 2009
simply beautiful! and yes, her eyes are FIERCE!