If you know Bridgette, this story would not come as much of a surprise. Brad, the tall, handsome, track athlete, had caught her eye from across the room, and there was no stoppin’ her after she had her mind made up. Brad had sat down at just the right table, little did he know how right that table would be. That’s where they met, Bridgette was Brad’s waitress, and after a night full of flirtatious comments, and laughing, he knew he had to do something-so he asked for her phone number. And so it began. They soon found out they were attending the same college, and from then on they were inseparable. These two are fun people. Bridgette being the loud and crazy one, while Brad, being more reserved and quiet, just nods and smiles proudly in the direction of his now beautiful wife.

It was truly an honor to be a part of this wedding. We are so thankful you guys took a chance on us, and allowed us to photograph your wedding- our very first wedding. There are so many great images, we don’t even know where to start or stop with the editing-so get ready for a LOT of totally awesome pictures with this post!

Hope you guys had a GREAT time on your honeymoon! And we wish you all the best as you start your new life together!! Enjoy! 🙂

aric + casey

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Brittany Strebeck
June 10, 2008
so it's official... i have deleted casey erin from my favorites and it makes me sad. but i guess life will be easier now. i can come here and see all the amazingness in one spot! these images are beautiful.
DnB Photograpahy
June 11, 2008
love the cufflinks pic- great job!!
Bobby Earle
June 18, 2008
Okay so all these images are great but that first one is "WOW!" Beautiful!!!

And you guys should talk about modeling. You're both freakin' hot!