It’s a small world after all. That annoying little tune always plays in my head when we finally meet our clients face to face for the first time before a shoot. It never fails-our clients are awesome. And it never fails- that we share many common interests, and were meant to be best friends in another life. Aric knows his best friend, or went to the high school across town from her, or we run around in the same circle of friends but just have never met, etc., etc. We love our job. And meeting people like Brittany and Nick are the reasons why we love it so much. He’s a marketing major at Tech (so was Aric), She’s and English major hoping to use her talents to help others through non-profit work (that’s what I wanted to do before photography came along). These two are truly genuine people and it’s easy to see after just a few hours with them that they adore each other. They showed up to their shoot each with their pair of TOMS Shoes so we knew right from the start we were going to hit it off with them! (If you remember, Aric & I wore our TOMS for our engagement pictures too!)
When we asked them what they liked to do they both said they liked to be outdoors-so we trecked through the woods and grass downtown for some good outdoorsy pictures to start off with!
Enjoy some of our favorites!! (and by some, I mean a lot)
aric + casey

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Brittany Crane
May 5, 2009
You guys are so talented - I couldn't have asked for better photos or a better time taking them! And now I have It's a Small World in my head, so this is truly a happy day!
May 7, 2009