It feels SO good, to be back home working.  After Brittney and Taylor’s wedding we were pretty much traveling non-stop… To Dallas for Christmas, back home for 2 short days to do nothing but hang out with Dillon (Aric’s best friend who is an Army RANGER!!! yeah, he’s pretty cool) then road trip to Ingram, Texas with wonderful friends for “Dillon-Bash” so that as many people as possible could see and hang out with Dillon, and have a wonderful new year… Then on to Austin for Brian and Kelsey’s beautiful wedding, then home for 2 more days and finally a week long trip to California for Corey and Crystal’s wedding and vacation- then back home with just enough time to get the new brand launched and get ready for the bridal show! WHEW!!!!

So yeah, feels good to be home, and I’m so excited to share Brittney and Taylor’s wedding with you all!  Their wedding was a great way to finish up 2009.

High School Sweethearts.  It always amazes me, when we have couples who were high school sweethearts.  I believe it’s a testament to their love for one another, and Brittney & Taylor are no different. Toast after toast was made to Brittney about how incredibly sweet and kind she is.  And toast after toast was made indicating that everyone told Taylor he better marry this girl, or he was crazy! 🙂

Well, he’s not crazy, and there really are no words to describe the sweet, kindness of this beautiful girl.  Their wedding was perfect.  I remember talking to Brittney after mine and Aric’s wedding and telling her “It was perfect, and definitely something worth waiting for…” I’m sure she felt the same way about her own. But I know you guys have been waiting to see your pictures for far too long, so hope you enjoy some of our favorites from the big day!!

And did I mention that December 19th was a BIG day for Brittney?! Not only did she get married to the man of her dreams, but she actually graduated from Texas Tech the same morning!!! WOW! 🙂 Congrats to you both!

Aric + Casey

video games. perfect for the kids! 🙂

yes, they just did…

work. it. out. girls!

Brittney had the sweetest grandpa ever. It was such a blessing for him to be there!

haha, love these next two

SO EXCITED to be married!!!! 🙂

I always love the first dance! I don’t know how many times I’ve cried during other people’s first dances!

and the dance party begins! If I have one advice for your reception?…have a dance circle!!! it is endless amounts of FUN…and perfect for pictures! 🙂

so…the groomsmen and ushers sang “I’ll make Love to You” to Brittney and Taylor. It was priceless, hilarious, and Brittney was maybe a little mortified…but it was super fun! Can’t wait to see the footage that Studio 84 got of this reception, it was a blast!

haha, this was just too funny I had to share…

LOVE the motion in this!

Mr. & Mrs. Stoker!!!

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January 19, 2010
that bridal party photo is RAD!!! way to go! and i really like that last one. that's always a hard one for me with VERY little light, but you guys rocked it. *sigh* i wanna get married again and have you guys do it!
January 19, 2010
these are fantastic, you guys! the pictures of the girlies are way fun. and ps. i'm glad you guys are back home too :)
Mr. Cooper
January 19, 2010
You guys are seriously getting PERFECT at this whole photography bit! I need to start commenting/keeping in touch more!