He fell in love with her…at the ranch.

Then he proposed to her…at the ranch.

So it only made sense that when the time came to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary in pictures that we would go to that same ranch where it all began.

I don’t really think I can put into words how I feel about this session, these pictures, the whole experience of this weekend. This was my first time to visit the ranch, and I have to admit.  I fell in love.  I fell in love with the freedom, the culture, the beauty, the adventure…of the ranch.  From rapelling, to hiking, to horseback riding, to smores over the campfire, to driving through open land with the windows rolled down, to sunsets, to thunderstorms, to starry nights…(literally the list goes on and on…)

This is hands down my favorite session to date.  And I think it’s easy to see why.  So I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talkin’!  Be sure to scroll all the way through…it’ll be worth it I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aric + Casey

Wish you could see this bigger…because it’s insane.

After the sunset, came the storm. And I cannot tell you…how incredible it was to watch. Even more incredible to actually get some images from it!

This was actually Aric’s shot.

And this was mine, same lightning strike, different angle/lens. ๐Ÿ™‚

And after the storm came the clearest starry sky. ever.


I am interested in doing a “trash the dress” session. I don’t have a date in mind- I guess it depends on how much you charge! I want to do something in the water, so I guess I need to wait until it gets warmer. Thanks!

This has to be the most fantastic, beautiful, amazing shoot that I have ever seen. Bravo! Words cannot express how absolutely stunning these photos are, each one couldn’t get more fabulous than another. I am in love with your work!

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[…] is a link to the entry with my favorite picture:ย  Can you guess which one it […]

These pictures gave me goosebumps! Unbelievable!

Wow! Amazing pictures. Love the storm ones. The ones of her up on the cliff where amazing also.

I am speechless to say the least! What an awesome treasure for a reminder of the best day of your life!

WOW!!!! Those pictures are beautiful and amazing!

Gorgeous photography! Loved the ones on horseback and then came the storm photos…oh my goodness! Awesome.

Loved the pictures. The one with the dress flying back behind the horse, the cliff, the lightening. Just amazing!

These are amazing!!! These are the kind of pictures girls dream of taking in their wedding dress. That bride needs to be a model! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow – I can hardly post a comment because words fail next to such beauty and grandure.

I think I had a dream once with all of these images in it. These are absolutely incredible – award-winning in my mind…you captured Love in every possible way – hallelujah!

Amazing photos!

I was speechless! I have never seen pictures like this before, unbelievable!!! Brook and Dean you radiate off of the page!

Oh my goodness! These are all so beautiful!

This blog is BEGGING to be featured/published.
Seriously. The one of them on the horse with the rainbow sun flare is in desperate need of a 40×60 gallery wrap. I’m in love with this session!

Yes, these are very good photos! I have never been to Wally’s ranch and it is wonderful too! I love their story with the photos! They are a very beautiful happy couple1 I wish them a life time of beautiful sunsets together!

Incredible! those are absolutely stunning.

The pictures are well framed and composed. They will be treasured by the bride forever.

WOW! Amazing!

Amazing! These pictures are all so beautiful!

These are some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen. Romantic,
beautiful, stunning. The ones in the storm took my breath away!

Rusty and Lyndsey

Lyndsey and I looking at these on my computer and with every turn of the page, our Wow’s get even louder. These are just awesome. What a way to have a first anniversary !!

Absolutely fabulous pictures!

John pulled this up when I got home from work, and we talked about each of the photos. They kept getting more beautiful as we scrolled down.

We’re fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

These are amazing! The most beautiful bride and such a handsome groom. Love the horse pictures, too.


oh my goodness!!! Amazing!

These are incredible pictures! I love the ones on the cliff but the ones with the lightening are amazing!

I have never seen such amazing photos! They are absolutely incredible – I can’t even pick a favorite one, they are all perfect.

This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how you captured the deep love they share and the beauty of the incredible landscape! The horse, the canyons, the lightning…PERFECTION!!!

The photos are premier!!!!!!!!! The photographers are above stellar!!!! The models are the greatest in the world!!!! I am blown away but not totally surprised:)

The most unique pictures I’ve ever seen!

I’ve been enjoying your photos ever since a friend shared your website with me… you photographed her daughter’s engagement and wedding photos.

But like many, I was so touched by these photos and the messages they convey.

Your work is amazing and your love for God and each other and your clients shows through…. keep doing what you’re doing!!!

The one captured in the lightning is awesome my favorite.

[…] first time that I saw Aric and Casey Photography’s post, it took my breath away. ย I saw the hope. ย The emotions that I felt as I was holding to my […]

Beautiful pictures of Brooke and Dean they are very special people!!!! Your pictures are great you bring the beauty out in everyone.

Good pics.

Aric and Casey, I could look at your pictures all day… thanks for sharing this beauty with us! Dean & Brooke look stunning!

Gaynelle Bahrenburg

Award winning photos! I am truly blessed to have met you and will be able to say “i knew them when…”. Thank you for using God’s gift and to giving Him the Glory!

What an incredible set of pictures. Love the ones with the lightning strikes in them.

These are absolutely beautiful!! Amazing!

Aric & Casey,
You guys did an amazing job in this setting! WOW!!!!!

The photos are amazing, and the subjects are precious. Casey and Aric need to enter a photography contest because I have never seen anything like the quality and composition of those pictures, especially the lightning one.

What a treat for my creative eye! I love the photos, especially the ones with the thunderstorm in the background! You captured the beauty of the Ranch with a beautiful couple! Love it!

Holy moly! Powerful pictures for a powerful love!

Love the pictures you can see how much you love each other!

What a true blessing to see the glory of the union of two people how know the Lord. It is wonderful to capture the joy and the creation of God’s it great splender in the fullness.
The photographer is gifted in capturing the heart of Brooke and Dean on digital form. This is a mile marking moment in Brooke and Dean life.
With joy in my heart I say blessing of you, Brooke and Dean and thank ou for share this moment in time with us. Happy Annivery Brooke and Dean.

These pictures are absolutely breath taking! Amazing work! =)

Awesome pics!

Beautiful pics!

amazing!!! this is why i want to become a photographer! i love them =]

Absolutely amazing! By far the best portraits I have EVER seen. Beautiful!

Great pictures Dean and Brooke!

Very interesting pictures and concept. Ranch, one year after the wedding and the storm all make them more beautiful and interesting. I liked them very much.

GOOODDD GOLLY!!!! these pictures are absolutely amazing! you did such a great job capturing brooke and dean, I know they are so happy with what you did!

These are so amazing…..I think that the one of them running on horseback is my favorite one.

These photos are much more than just “that.” In unbelievable color, beauty, and nature you have told an story about love and life. What an awesome gift you possess! Happy Anniversary Brooke…wishing you many more happy years!

Catherine Leubner

These pictures are amazing!
Brooke – You are so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Rebecca Butler Huddleston


Amazing!!!! These pictures are incredible and Brooke you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Amazingly cool! Especially the storm!

Wow! Unbelievably gorgeous! Glad you shared these with us. Whenever I need a lift, I’ll be back on your site again. Thanks!

LOVE ‘EM! ๐Ÿ™‚

These pictures are terrifical!! Love ya!

Wunderbar. Love the storm.

Love the lightening pictures! Amazing!!!

So gorgeous and dramatic! LOVE it! Great location!

The first photo of them on horseback…umm whoa.
These are beautiful pictures.

Awesome pictures – my favorites are the ones on the horse and the lightning

Beautiful pictures, love you guys!

These are precious pictures!

Wow, what a picture of God’s love. Love you guys. Becca

i love the pic. love the dress too!

Dean and Brook’s pictures are amazing!! You guys certainly have a gift!

I love these so much!!! I cannot pick a favorite because they are all so incredible! Great Job you guys!

these pics are just amazing

Wow! Those storm shots are awesome. So beautiful.

Absolutely stunning. Hands down some of the best work I’ve ever seen with lovely subjects!

These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have every seen…captures the beauty of not only the ranch but of what Dean and Brooke have=)Simply breath taking!!!!

I got chills when I looked at these photos.

Catherine and Tim

I cannot think of the words to express how amazing these pictures are. I have never seen anything like them. They are breathtaking!!!!

Beautiful! These pics are absolutely amazing…catching God in His glory!

These are sooooo fabulous! I don’t know how you’ll ever choose which photographs to own!

Jennifer VanCleve

All I can say is WOW!!!!! So beautiful. The subject is amazing to see and know and the pictures are fantastic. Loved every picture.

Aric and Casey- you guys captured the beauty of the ranch and the beauty of Dean and Brooke as well!The photographs were phenomenal and deserve recognition. way to go!

I’ve yet to see anyone capture beauty and love like this- it’s almost tangible! Breath taking!!!

No words for these pictures! They speak for themselves. Ya’ll are amazing, but I already knew that! Love you Casey and Aric, and to Brooke and Dean- Happy 1st year together!
I’m ready to be your subject again…:)

Stephanie Boydstun

Brooke & Dean, these are Amazing… especially the ones with the lightning… Bay, Cass, and I LOVED thoses with the light behind y’all. ๐Ÿ™‚


Wow…incredible. I think Bob is a trooper. Captured their relationship so well in these photos. But Deano–you’re so serious! Love the wide angle of the two of them running on Bob, love the b/w kissing on the edge of the cliff, love the one with Brooke on the horse and Dean reaching up to her with sunset in the background…love them all!

Those are incredible! I absolutely love them. Brooke and Dean look amazing and you both did an incredible job capturing them. Never seen anything like it

I cannot express what these pictures do for me. I’ve never seen anything like this.

What gorgeous pictures! These were sooo Amazing and you really captured the emotions that these two have for each other! They were truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!!

These pictures are simply amazing. My favorite is of Dean and Brook in an embrace (both faces seen). The content and composition of that picture is wonderful, and the intimacy and emotion conveyed in that picture is hard to capture. You have done an incredible job of capturing Dean and Brooke as we know them on camera. They are a beautiful couple in every way. –C Brundage

Words can’t even describe how much I love these. Thank you for allowing God’s beauty of these two people and this place to shine through your lens’. Let us never cherish the creation more than the creator! You guys are beyond wonderful!

I’m loving these you guys! I check y’alls blog weekly and the new posts brighten up my day. These images are so inspiring. Y’all make me want to get better at what I do. And as usual, Brooke and Dean look amazing.

Morgan Switzenberg

I really liked the thunderstorm photos. how amazing it is to have pictures with so much God given gifts.

WOW!!!! These pictures are breathe taking! You both look so happy… Love the ones on the horse…. and the storm… actually I love all of them… what a talented photographer!! (and beautiful models ๐Ÿ™‚

Incredible! You guys amaze me! Brooke & Dean – Happy Anniversary!

OH MY GOODNESS! STUNNING! AMAZING! GORGEOUS! BREATHTAKING! What incredible keepsake photos these are! I don’t have a favorite; how could I possibly choose!! I personally LOVE the ones with the horse and the lighting strikes are insanely beautiful! I can feel such a strong love and deep connection between the two; it’s unbelievable! The photographers did a fantastic job! But how could you even come close to messing up a photo of such gorgeous people?! ;D LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

WOW!!!! These are amazing! I never did pics like this for my wedding, I am now wanting to do them. Fabulous dress too! I am very blown away!

So, the wide angle of Bob running with the amazing Brooke and Deano is for sure, by far, my favorite picture in the entire universe. What a beautiful shoot!

These pictures are amazing!

what beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. The Lord has definitely given you guys an awsome gift for photography! Brook and Dean, may the Lord give you many more years of awesome captured memories!

Ruthie and Jason

AMAZING!!! I LOVE these pictures, and love those two. What a special place to take these pictures!

These are possible the best pictures I’ve EVER seen!

wow…these are beautiful!!

Gene and Leah Goodwin

These are some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Dean and Brooke make wonderful models. They are a precious couple and we love them dearly. Aric and Casey did an incredible job shooting the pic’s. Loved them all!!!

So amazing!!! Those pictures are wonderful! I think my favorite–if I had to choose: they were so great!–would be the second one with the horse. So cute!

These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

you guys!! these are amazing!! seriously you must be thrilled with those “storm” shots! insane!!!

Brooke and Dean, these are truly incredible!!! What amazing pictures!! You both as well as the photographers are so blessed!!

The "Other" Brooke

These are simply AMAZING!!!!!!! Casey-you and Aric are so very talented. Of course I know when you have wonderful subjects it makes your job so much easier!! It’s so hard to pick a favorite!

SO amazing! love them!

I completly agree that the photos are well beyond my expectation. I am glad to know this couple and greatly appreciate what this photography means to capturing there relationship towards one another. They are a couple that is an example for the young people in our church. God bless.

These pictures are absolutely fantastic!! Brooke and Dean are an amazing couple whose lives are centered around God. These pictures show God’s amazing beauty and creativity. Love it!!

wow!! these are amazing!

I love love love love LOVE the first photo of them on horseback running! Beautiful!

These are great! Brooke and Dean are wonderful and I love the pictures!

Dude, seriously. I cannot thank you enough. These pictures are phenomenal, and I cannot tell you how beautiful they make me feel. How loved. And how adventurous. You and Aric have been used by the Lord to satisfy all of my deepest desires as a woman, and for that, I will be forever grateful. But you did not stop there. You captured my beauty, my romance, and my adventure, and now, I will forever have reminders of what I was created for. Amazing things. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are both amazing.

WOW the last shot is so beautiful and this couple realy rocks!
All pictures are jsut awesome!

Are you still in touch with this couple?
I might be interested in buying the trashed wedding dress as is, no cleaning required!
This is a serious request and for a good work.
I hope you can pass my request to Casey and Arid or feel free to contact me at
Thank you for your help


Elizabeth Marburger

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is by far the best blog I’ve seen from you guys…BEAUTIFUL!! Got some awesome models as well!

Seriously!?? These are incredible…I am in awe…Y’all are AMAZING…

I wish I had words, but I don’t! I am totally speechless from these beyond beautiful photos…

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