This has got to be the most fun I’ve had shooting in a while!  But of course it was fun- I was shooting my best friend, and doing whatever I wanted! haha.

Brooke and her husband Dean came down on Wednesday during their spring break and while Brooke and I went to hang out, get coffee and shoot – the boys played Call of Duty and bonded the way that guys do.  You know. Playing video games! haha.

Like I said in the teaser before, I have been obsessed lately with shadows and direct sun- so this was the perfect outlet for me to play around a little.  Not to mention the fact that my best friend is gorgeous and so fun to take pictures of.  I think overall the “fun” shoot was a success.  I got to shoot some new stuff, and the images that came from the session have Brooke written all over them.  Bright, colorful, beautiful, free, inspiring, feminine… those are all words that I would use to describe Brooke.  Hopefully you will see all those things as well in the images below!

And P.S. If you didn’t notice the link on Brooke’s name up there- I linked to her new blog-it’s the perfect place to go and be inspired…I know I am-every time I read one of her posts! Go leave her some love if you check it out!



Sorry fellas, this girl is happily taken…

One of my favorites (below)

HELLO, gorgeous! Cut it out!

Love the motion in this one… so free…


Great shots! Love the use of shadows! =)

thank you Marcy! Your amazing daughter does a great job of taking my picture, and gives me more credit than i deserve!! Jenna-we wish you lived closer too! And if i could remember where I got my pumps…I would tell you so you could have some too!! And thank you for the stunning comment…i love that word!! It spoke to my heart!

I love you guys. I wish I lived closer to you both so that we could hang out. Brooke, you’re stunning. Also, I want to steal your lime green pumps… and I mean that in the best possible way 😉

Love these! Brooke, you’re a beautiful lady.

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