I just couldn’t stop smiling as I edited through Bryan & Katie’s pictures! I dunno when or where I got so sentimental…but then again I guess I always have been- I just couldn’t get enough of their smiles and seeing them laugh together (because we did a lot of that) and watching the way he looked at her, how their hands fit together perfectly… I realize I’m getting all sappy here- but I kinda can’t help it. I just love-Love. And somehow I keep finding new things about it to adore and to try and capture with my camera.

I can’t even tell you how awesome these two were for their session. Let’s face it. No one likes to have their picture taken, right?!?! It’s awkward and uncomfortable and then all the sudden there we are with our big cameras in your faces trying to make you feel normal and relaxed. Ha! But I loved how these two gave it their all and in the moments that they couldn’t take it anymore they just laughed together. Which was perfect.

Katie had big ideas for their session. You see- her and Bryan are high school sweethearts! (Love!) And now they are both teachers. So it was only fitting that they have a few school themed props to represent that part of their relationship. Besides all that we had a fun little adventure when the sky turned brown and the weather dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up. Yeah, that sounds pretty miserable, right? Well it kinda was…but like I said before-these two were amazing and totally laughed the whole way through it. And even though a brown sky and wind and freezing weather doesn’t sound like it would look all that great in pictures…just wait till you see…



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