Bunches of fun

August 1, 2007

Meet the Bunch family…they were amazing; I had soooo much fun with this mom and her kids. Davney is officially the coolest mom ever, and her kids Caleb, Ellary, and baby Abby are so cute. Davney wanted a few pictures for her new website so we all went and played in the park…she’s an awesome little interior designer, make sure you check out her website!

Brittany Strebeck

lookin good a-rock. proud of you, kid.

I love them…Like I always say YOU’RE AWESOME!!! Keep it up! If you need more models…come visit we always have room. I love the bio!

That’s right…I was checking hourly… Okay more like every 5 minutes for the final product but I love them. The pictures. and more importantly the people in the pictures. You did an awesome job! Clever title too…all will be impressed!

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