sssshhhhh!!!! These are supposed to be a secret!! I mean seriously! What a cute idea for a father’s day gift?  Sadly, I didn’t get to hang out with this adorable little girl or meet her mom, but Aric did such an awesome job shooting this quick session for them!! I was in Florida when Aric shot these, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  I think they turned out wonderful!! And I hope Laura Kate’s dad thinks so too!!  Anyway, here are just a few!! If you happen to know Carrie & Laura Kate be sure to keep these a secret until Father’s Day!!  Enjoy some of my favorites!! 🙂


nice job ARIC! thanks again for doing this. laura kate and carrie: kyle’s heart is gonna melt when he sees these! what a lucky guy! love you girls!

Great job Aric (and Lynds)! So cute!

oh my gosh….they are incredible!!!! Thank you so much, guys.

Casey, I feel like we’re friends even though we’ve never met! (We need to fix that soon!)

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