Life is really good, ya’ll! We spent this last week with 3 of our couples for next year and let’s just say 2013 is going to be a good year! Engagements are almost always the first time that we meet our grooms.  Sometimes we have met them in the initial consultation, but a lot of the time we meet with the bride and her mom or a bridesmaid, so we are usually going in blind to the engagement session. It’s kind of fun that way.  The engagement session is the first time that we see our couples REALLY interact.  You can tell right off the bat how comfortable they are with one another and let’s just say this past week- ALL of our couples were so absolutely head over heels, cute and cuddly and sweet that it was kind of like the best week ever! 🙂

Chelsey and Cody were so adorable! And such good sports! Chelsey had mentioned she wanted some pictures taken in a cotton field so I drove around all day beforehand and found the best cotton I could find! There is just something so magical about being in a field of cotton. It’s quiet. It’s Beautiful…and then when you put these two in there being extra cute- I didn’t ever want to leave! 🙂  Anyway, I’m excited, and I feel like I’m rambling, so without further ado- here’s a few lot of favorites from their session! Enjoy!

And have a great weekend!



WOW!!! HOT TAMALES!! Great job. Cute couple.

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