while we were gone to Mexico, we received an email from a previous client of ours who informed us that one of our pictures made it to a billboard…?!?!?! YES! It’s true, You might remember The Katalyst Band from their awesome session here. We had a blast with these guys and when we got the email about them being on a billboard in downtown Nashville we were so excited for them!! (not to mention a little giddy about the idea of one of our images being blown up that huge for a billboard!)
Here are a few images that their manager sent us of the billboard…

pretty. cool.

and in other musical news, you might remember Dave (Dunn ;)) from his shoot here. He just finished cutting his second album, and he asked Aric for some help desiging his album cover. So Aric, along with some help from Dave’s sister made up an entire CD insert from scratch. (yes, I am bragging on my husband…) It looks so stinkin’ cool and Dave will be in Midland at the end of the month for a release show! You can check out his myspace page for more info at www.myspace.com/daviddunn or just look him up on itunes!
here’s the CD insert that Aric designed…

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Brittany Strebeck
August 14, 2009
that's so cool, you guys!! i mean, a billboard is pretty serious stuff. so proud :)
Mary K
August 17, 2009
this is AWESOME! how cool! your photo was on a BILLBOARD. haha thats neat.

like Britt, I am proud.