Danielle and Andrew hold a special place in our hearts. I’ll start out by saying I’ve been writing this post for the past week, and nothing has seemed quite right…I’ve meant to talk about this couple and their day and all the special things we noticed about their love, their story–but selfishly I’ve felt I haven’t been able to do it justice without adding a bit of mine & Aric’s story as well.

These two are the first couple who were not already our friends before they so willingly entrusted their special day to us, as their wedding photographers. Nevertheless, walking away from their wedding Aric & I felt like we came away with much more than thousands of pictures of their wedding day-we came away with new friends.
Danielle was such a special bride since day one; we always felt like she really cared…not just about our work, but about us as people.  The way she talked with us as we spent time with her and her groom at meetings, shoots, etc. made us feel like she really believed in our work, in us.  Being young photographers, this amazing feeling drives us to chase the passion that we both love.  When you know that a bride really entrusts you with the most important pictures of her life, the pictures that will be passed on from generation to generation, the pictures that remind a thirty year marriage the joys that first built it…that’s when you feel special; that’s when it becomes our special day too.  
I (Aric) remember when we met at Starbucks, I could see the shimmer in her eyes as she imagined the way the most intimate moments and unique details of her special day would be captured in our pictures.  And in those moments…she showed a different smile…a smile that I recognized again, only when I saw her staring into Andrew’s eyes when he read his vows or when they danced their first dance.  Those are the moments we live for; those are the moments when looking through a lens is better then just looking through these eyes…because it’s then, that we can make those special moments last forever.
enjoy the pictures!!
aric + casey
(P.S.-The pictures are best when viewed in Safari on a Mac–something about PC’s and Internet Explorer that keeps dulling out our colors– 🙁 that’s not our happy face!)  so if you can’t get your hands on a mac–imagine the pictures with an extra pop of light & color!!) (And if there are any photographers or computer genius’s out there reading this and you have any suggestions we’d LOVE to hear them!!)

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Ricki Ford
July 29, 2008
Beautiful shots from start to finish! WOW!!!
Brittany Strebeck
July 30, 2008
those are awesome, you guys. i love all the color! and that red hair is some fun stuff