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August 7, 2008

that’s right folks, dublin, as in dublin dr. pepper!!  I’m here in dublin with Brittany helping her shoot a wedding this weekend and boy are we havin’ fun!!  We got in a little earlier today and after checkin’ in to our sweet little small-town hotel, we headed straight to the Dr. Pepper plant for one of the famous Dublin Dr. Pepper’s.  With sweet tooths like ours, we couldn’t help but to opt for a Dr. Pepper float, which was- a little piece of heaven in a cup! 🙂 

one of my favorite thing’s about being a photographer is having the excuse to catch shots of the most unsuspecting people…in this case Brittany at work!  Here are a few shots I got of her doin’ what she does best… plus one fun detail shot I got at the rehearsal..
: )



can’t wait for more!

Brittany Strebeck

you little stealth photographer! how sweet of you 🙂 there WILL be payback though… mua ah ahhh
i had so much fun on our adventurous trip to dublin. i’m sure there will be many more trips to come!

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