Ya’ll…we have the greatest friends! Really and truly! I’ve made it a goal of mine for the year to take more personal photos.  If you’re a photographer reading this, you know how hard it is to actually WANT to carry that big camera around with you when you do things.  You don’t want to feel like you’re working, you don’t want to carry it, keep up with it, or have to worry about working on those “personal” photos later when you know you’ve got so many other photos to work on for paying clients!

But when I do that – I miss out on capturing the simple day to day moments that we have and enjoy! So Aric & I have been pushing each other to bring the camera along when we do things.  We’ve left it several times, but like I said we’re trying to get better!

So here are a few snapshots of what’s been happening around here!

We LOVE game nights with friends around a dining room table with a glass of wine. Have you ever played “Nertz”? If not, you should try it! It’s lots of fun! Isn’t our friends’ baby girl ADORABLE? I’ve got pictures of her I still need to blog! (Yes, again, we are like the only one of our friends who isn’t having a baby right now! Crazy!!)


Now that we are all settled into the house, Aric is back at his projects! I love this for him! Because he so enjoys doing things like this…and he’s SO GOOD.  Here he’s building a prototype farmhouse table for our patio, so that next he can build the “real” one for our kitchen with some old reclaimed lumber we got from an antique store near Fredericksburg. I’ll have to take a final picture of the patio table once we’ve got it stained! It looks SO GOOD! Can’t wait to have friends over and cookout!1007_aricandcasey

I’ve been cooking! Haha! I don’t know what I would do without pinterest in my life! So many yummy recipes I’ve been trying! While Aric was working on the table one night, I made a homemade skillet lasagna that was delish! And so quick and easy!1010_aricandcasey

<3 him!1100_aricandcasey

And the rest of these are mostly from March and our trip to Vegas for WPPI.  Here we are all ready to go to the Lasers and Blazers party!1101_aricandcasey

Our sweet friends Caitlin & Ryan came to WPPI for their first time with us this year and we had such a great time! Love all the lights in Vegas…1102_aricandcasey 1103_aricandcasey

And lastly, as promised! A little sneak peek at our engagement session from last Friday when we got back! And our last February wedding! I told you I was gonna blog better! 😉

Kembra & Dustin are high school sweethearts and truly, it doesn’t get much cuter than them.  They were so kind and sweet and adorably in love for their session! I’m so looking forward to their hometown wedding this summer! And so excited for them to be tying the knot!

And a quick teaser from Joanna & Jaymac’s wedding! I just love this couple! I need to blog Joanna’s bridals soon, because those eyes of hers?! Are absolutely incredible! It’s the best when you can tell a couple is REALLY in love, and these two are just that! I loved their ceremony, and my favorite part? When Joanna offered Jaymac a wispers toothbrush before the kiss (per her bridesmaids persuasion)! It was priceless! 😉1611_WJJ-Edit1637_WJJ-Edit


Love the china hutch in the background of the first photo. Did you refinish it?

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