Is February REALLY already over?! I always look forward to this month of the year. It’s usually one of our most open months and we try to plan a few trips to take advantage of the time off. But it always goes by WAY too fast!  This month we celebrated Aric’s 27th birthday, Valentine’s Day, Moved, Vacationed to Breckenridge Colorado with sweet friends and Aric re-taught me how to snowboard, Went on a short trip to Ruidoso with more sweet friends where I got a *little better at the whole snowboarding thing, visited my family in Dallas on our way through to Vegas for the annual WPPI conference where we saw even more sweet friends from all over the country!  Over the past year I’ve realized I have become really bad about documenting the stuff that we do with my camera. I always bring it with me, but I just get tired of lugging the big thing around and always feel a little ridiculous when I pull it out or make our friends “get together for a picture” and then feel like I’m ‘that’ person with the camera! HAHA…but I decided I needed to get over that, because we’re missing precious memories- so I tried to be better about taking pictures of our adventures!  Here are a few images from our trips! I’m so thankful for the friends we have in our lives! They really do make life that much sweeter!

Happy Leap Day, Everyone!


P.S. what do you think about the new blogsite?!?!?!  EEk! I’m so excited about it, but we’re still making changes, so I’m not gonna do a big post about it until we’re done! 😉

First up, our trip to Breckenridge, Co.

golden city brewery colorado

We took our time getting to the cabin from the airport and stopped by a few local breweries for the guys to try out the beer!
tommyknockers brewerybreckenridge colorado

With all the beautiful couples at dinner!giampetro's breckendridge

And we’re back at the slopes in Ruidoso…

We played lots of dominos, sat by the fire, and can you believe that was a vacation breakfast spread at the bottom?! Seriously, I have awesome friends!ruidoso snowboarding trip aric and casey photography

Um…how fun is this?!?!? They just came up and ate out of our hands!!

Check out that facial hair. Good work men. 😉

Here’s the whole group. Love these people…and sad we missed some of the others who couldn’t make it!

Precious couples!

And last, but not least here’s a few from my point and shoot in Vegas! Most of these were from our first night there. We spend most of our days in classes and walking through a GIANT trade show looking at all the fun products and choosing the best for our clients!! Then at night we get to hang out with all the amazing friends we’ve made over the years! Truly-the people in these photos are some of the most insanely talented, beautiful, giving people I’ve ever met- and I’m honored to call them friends!

And for your viewing pleasure check out everyone’s work! Listed as they appear in the photos clockwise starting with the top right image (first 4 photos only)

Geoff Duncan of Austin, TX:

 Geoff and Aric met in college and have stayed friends ever since!  They both have incredible business sense and when they get together that’s pretty much all they can talk about. Business and dreaming big! 😉

Bottom Right picture: Jason Huang of Dallas & California:

 You might recognize this guy…he shot our wedding!! 🙂 But it was actually in Vegas where we first met him and became friends. We’ve been so blessed by this guy. He’s amazingly talented and incredibly smart. He’s been a mentor but most importantly a friend to both of us. Go ahead and go drool over his work on his blog! And be sure to check out his video site too! He’s amazing!

Bottom Left corner: Jan Schill of Durango, CO and Meaghan Elliot of Pittsburg

Really, I don’t even know where to begin with these two. I love them so much! I met Meaghan along with so many other AMAZING women at the Love Affair workshop that I went to a few years ago. Then when we all got together after the workshop one of the girls brought Jan along and I’m so thankful they did, because Jan is awesome and so so much fun! I wish these girls didn’t live so far away, but it’s always so fun when we get to see each other! 

Now onto the top left corner- one of Aric’s favorite people ever- Akil Bennett with his beautiful wife, Alex of Houston, TX :

Bottom Left corner- Ben and Erin Chrisman of San Francisco, CA:  I really don’t even need to say anything about these people. You just NEED to go look at their blog. They are kind of like our heroes! Haha. They are incredible photographers and such genuine people. I mean these are the “celebrity” type people that we meet at WPPI and every year they still remember us “little” people. 😉 I think that says a lot about the kind of people they are!

And last but not least that’s us with some of our very own “Lubbock people!” Betsy Lackey: and Alexandra Nanny:

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