hopefully i’m not scaring all of you with these midnight posts on friday and saturday nights! LOL. I promise I do have a life other than sitting at home on the weekend and working!
its been a slow week, and with aric out of town this weekend i’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and i simply do not know what to do with myself! 🙂

i’ve been evaluating life in my downtime lately. and its been sweet.
with photography-i feel like its easy to get into a rut, to feel uninspired or like you are taking the exact same picture over and over again. i feel that way often. i want so badly to use my photos to inspire hope and excitement in people, and when i’m not feeling it myself-i feel like i’m letting you all down. it can be a constant battle, but as i struggle through it im learning more and more about where my inspiration comes from and frankly- it’s simple.
it’s simplicity. it’s real. it’s beauty. it’s honesty. it’s passion. it’s love.
and it’s looking for and finding those things in each new person i meet and in each new challenge i face.

tonight was the last “girls night out” with my best friend before she becomes a MRS.! she is also the bride who’s pictures i cannot share with you until after June 20th so instead enjoy some photos i snapped of her tonight while we were hanging out. i tried to edit each picture differently and never use the same action twice-i’d love to hear what you think…

*****and one last thing-i was thinking about doing a weekly…or maybe bi-weekly before and after with at least one picture and share some different steps i take to edit different pictures. several of my favorite photographers do this and i love it-so just curious if anyone would even be remotely interested!!-(leave a comment and let me know!!!) 🙂

i lied-one more last thing-seriously? tell me you cannot wait to see this beauty in her wedding gown?!?!….

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Mary K
May 30, 2009
well i for one absolutely LOVE these. editing pictures and not using the same action twice is hard though. hmm. I'm proud. i love your late night posts, btw:)
May 31, 2009
Casey! Keep the mid-night posts coming. Please! Y'alls work is in my "inspiration" folder.
Brandi Natividad
May 31, 2009
I love the idea of before and after!
May 31, 2009
I love the pics of Brooke! They are great!
May 31, 2009
I think that posting your steps is both a great and generous idea! You and Aric both are a great inspiration!! :)
May 31, 2009
All the shots look great. I'm partial to the top one though. And as far as before and after, I'm always interested to see what other people are up to after the shot leaves the camera!
June 4, 2009
Love them! Would also love editing tips. :)