I feel like all we have been shooting lately is BRIDALS!! which I have come to love-but man, it’s no fun that I can’t show you guys anything until after their weddings!
I do, however, promise that you are in for a treat-our brides are supermodels! Fearless, adventurous, beautiful, supermodels!
I was hanging out with my family this past weekend for Halloween-and it was the first time I had gotten to see my little cousins all dressed up in their halloween costumes. We had a ladybug, a fairy princess, and none other than Darth Vader himself. It was such a joy to see those girls hopping and twirling around in their little princess costumes. They felt beautiful and elegant, and they were absolutely on top of the world.
It just reminded me of another reason why I love being a part of weddings so much. Because as a girl-you always dream of being the princess, of wearing the white dress, and the flowing veil, but most of all you dream of being beautiful. Of finding that one person who makes you feel more beautiful than ever. It was a reminder that dreams do come true, that the Lord is faithful, and that little girls deserve to dream and dream big!
So since I don’t have any bridal pictures to show you just yet-I snapped this picture of our little ladybug as she was twirling around and around in her costume and it inspired me to dream…
Hope it does the same for you!
I just might post some more halloween pictures for you later! 🙂

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