Well, I’m finally breaking the blogging silence to blog a post that is purely a brag on my incredible husband!  It’s amazing to watch him work, when he puts his mind to something he can do amazing things! Sometimes it might take him a while, but in the end – the wait is always worth it!  This summer Aric filmed some clips of our friend Grady as he got ready for a show that night, and then Aric shot some clips while we were at the show!

You might recognize Grady as one of our past grooms, be he and his now wife, Kaci – have since become some of our dearest friends! Being friends with them makes us move up a notch on the “cool” scale. Haha. Anyway- Kaci & Grady have since moved to Fort Worth from Lubbock to have a new adventure and give Grady an even better platform to share his music.  We are die hard fans of Grady.  His CD plays on repeat in our car, we wish we could be at every one of his shows, etc. etc. But really and truly- Grady and his Lubbock band “The Griswulds” will be back in Lubbock THIS Friday, October 19th for a Reunion show – and I tell ya I almost shed a tear when I realized we were actually going to be trading places with the Spencers as we’re shooting a wedding in Fort Worth this weekend!

So this is my plea – everyone go out to the Blue Light Live this Friday night and support Grady- watch his show, wave hello to his beautiful wife, and buy a CD!  And we will live vicariously through you all as you do!

So without further ado- here’s the video that Aric filmed and edited all himself – which I’m so proud of! I know you’ll like it! So have a look!:

Grady Spencer Live at the Blue from Aric Lampert on Vimeo.


Great work!!! I can’t imagine the time involved to shoot and edit this!! Very creative! Very awesome!!

Awesome video! We need to see when Grady plays around Fort Worth and go see him! I can see having a great date night watching him 🙂 Very impressed Aric!

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