After going to weddings weekend after weekend, there are few things that can still get me teary eyed. I’m not really the emotional type.  But I’ve wanted to cry during numerous father/daughter dances, during sweet first look’s and so on and so forth… But it takes a lot for me to tear up at anything anymore. Not because I don’t feel the weight of those beautiful moments, but because I’m just not a cryer. It’s a fact. But I will tell you one thing for sure- my eyes got a little misty watching these two get engaged! Actual proposal’s are something that we don’t often get to be a part of. And there’s just something so special about the moment that a man plans out a day, buys a ring, and waits to surprise the love of his life with a proposal to spend the rest of her life with him. SO sweet!

Many of you might know Linda– she is another totally awesome wedding photographer here in Lubbock and if you know her, you know her excitement for all things Love, marriage and weddings! It was truly such an honor to get to document this incredible moment in her life! To watch her surprise, her excitement and her love for the man she can now call her “fiancee”!  She’s been there to photograph so many girl’s wedding days’ and now I’m so so excited for her to have her own!! She is going to be a wonderfully stunning and FUN bride that’s for sure!!

Hope you guys enjoy some faves from our time capturing the proposal and the little mini-shoot we did after she said YES!!

Be sure to scroll all the way through to the end…There’s an extra surprise!! (Aric shot some video of the proposal and it’s kind REALLY of awesome!!)

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Grant + Linda – The Proposal from Aric Lampert on Vimeo.


MONEY! Great job on the video. Congratulations Grant & Linda!

ohhh my goodness. linda is absolutely precious. and nice work on the video, a-rock! it made me teary fo sho.

Awww….so sweet! I still hooked on that dang dog! Even dogs love LOVE. Congrats!

I love it! Especially the video, it definitely made me tear up. Linda, so happy for you girl!

AWWWWW LOVE IT!!! Little buddy Grant! Way to go!!

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