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December 8, 2008

yesterday Aric & I had the honor of taking my best friend Brooke & her fiance Dean’s engagement pictures.
When I think of marriage, and what that commitment truly means between a man, woman, and God- I always think of Brooke & Dean. Their relationship, all the trials and triumphs they have faced together, is a picture perfect example of God’s amazing Grace, His Power, His beauty, His promises…(I could go on and on…) And even their engagement shoot was a spiritual experience!
Last week I got to spend an afternoon with Brooke and what did we do?- We went to the book store! Haha- She talked about how she so wanted to take advantage of the time that she was engaged- because it only happens once, and it’s for such a short period of time. She said she wanted to savor every moment, and spend time ,through scripture, and prayer (and good books), learning and growing into the wife God wants her to be. If I don’t have the coolest best friend to share this experience (and life in general) with- then I don’t know who does…
These two pictures jumped out at me as I was sifting through their pictures and I just had to post them- They say a lot- without saying anything at all…

aric + casey



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