haley + ryan | first look

June 30, 2009

that’s right. i loved their first look pictures so much, i dedicated a whole blog to them! 🙂
seriously-this was our first “first look” of the summer, and I’m more in love with them than I was before. haley and ryan JUST ADORE each other. and there is no other word to describe it than the word- adore. you can see it in the way they look at each other, they way they smile at each other, the way they touch each other, they way they speak to one another. and it’s beautiful. simply beautiful.
and i don’t think any other pictures from their day reveal this adoration as much as these from their first look…
enjoy! 🙂

aric + casey

Balko Photography

You guys did an amazing job. I love your comment – that they truly adore each other – and you guys captured that perfectly!!!!

Brittany Strebeck

aww such sweet emotion you captured… gotta love the first look!

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