Happy | Father’s Day!

June 15, 2008

Today was Father’s Day! And I actually got to spend mine with My Dad and grandpa, so it was a good one!!
I seriously have the best Dad in the world. I’m not being ridiculous…I just really do. I was the biggest Daddy’s little girl when I was younger–He was my favorite person in the whole wide world-who scared away the monsters under my bed, prayed with me before bedtime, let me fall asleep in his lap, and gave the biggest, best hugs EVER. Then I went through one of those ridiculous teenager phases-where Dad just wasn’t as cool anymore–but he was still there, rooting for me at every basketball game, asking about homework, taking care of my car, slipping me a little extra cash for the movies, and still giving the biggest, best hugs EVER. Now, after I grew out of that silly phase, I realize that Dad, after all, is pretty cool. I just stinkin’ love my Dad so much. He’s the smartest, kindest, most patient, handsome, handy-man around. He still pushes me to be my best, takes care of my car, asks about school, helps me pay for the rent & crazy gas prices and yes–he gives the biggest, best hugs EVER.
Dad-I love you! Thanks for ALWAYS being there–even when I was ridiculous–, and loving me the only way a Father can! You’ve always been so full of patience, and have taught me so much about Sooo many things. I feel more and more blessed every day to have a Dad like you.- A real representation of our heavenly Father. Happy Father’s Day!!

And Happy Father’s Day to Poppy! (My grandpa!) I’m so thankful for you, and love you so much. We are all so lucky to have such an awesome grandad. Thanks for all the trips to the lake, and fishing, and eating catfish, and for always keeping us laughing!

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