We’re heading out the door for our last mini-vacation of the “summer”. My family almost always gathers together at my grandparent’s lake house for Labor Day every year, and it’s the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality time with each other.
I have several shoots that are dying to be blogged-but yesterday the photoshop on my computer decided to quit on me. lame. so I’ll be doing some work while we are gone on Aric’s laptop-but I’m excited! I went out this week with some wonderful girls and shot just for the heck of it. like old times. and it was refreshing! (more on this with the full post!)
here’s the only image I got edited before photoshop died, so enjoy for now-and there is plenty more where that came from!! 🙂
Everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!

aric + casey

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