yessss!!! we are finally home!!!! it feels so good. 2 weeks away is a long time. especially when there are a million things i want to share, and a million more pictures i want to post!!! overwhelmed is the word of the week. 🙂
but not a bad overwhelmed. a good overwhelmed. i think it will take a couple weeks to get the house situated, wash all the clothes from travel, work through pictures, and just get caught up on work, life, emails, and seeing all the friends we have missed since being gone!
because of the fact that our to-do list is a mile long, blog edits are coming in slower than usual too and I apologize but promise that this blog is coming back to life with lots of wonderful adventures and beautiful pictures to share!!
This is a teaser post for now, we have several weddings/shoots that have been put on hold because of our absence so here is what is in store for the next few days!! 🙂

Brandi & Brett’s beautiful wedding…

Josh and Meghan’s fun E-session right before we left…

Matt & Ashten’s perfect destination wedding that has given proof to the fact that everyone should have a destination wedding! 😉

and last but not least, Kelly & David’s gorgeous Austin wedding…

and I might throw in a few posts about OUR wedding!! 😉
be checking our photographers’ blog and go ahead and add them to your google reader or any other list of websites to check daily- and

and one last thing- Brittany took my bridals for me…AND they are wonderful! She did an amazing job- here’s one I took from her blog, but you can see more here!

aric + casey

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August 11, 2009
yay! glad you guys made it back safely!

can't wait for all of your photos to make it to the blog!