Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! In honor of this special day-and because this past week I happened to get bored one night and spend a little too much time on a picture of my best friend, and because I’m tired of waiting for Aric to post his blog about his birthday-here is a little fun thing I came up with in honor of love.
Love never gets old to me. There doesn’t seem to be a better reason to celebrate a holiday than for love, which is why Valentine’s day would be one of my favorite’s (not to mention all the glorious chocolates and cards and flowers that come along with it). As I mentioned before I edited this picture late one night because I had a cup of coffee way too late-so yes I realize it says “rude” twice-I’m just too lazy to go back and fix it now! 🙂

Happy Love day!
aric + casey


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Brittany Strebeck
February 14, 2009

that looks so stinkin good! i mean, everything about it... the feel of the photo, the font.. i love it all.

can't wait for tomorrow!!!