It’s funny sometimes, the things that go through my head when I’m thinking of poses for our shoots, but this one was extra special.  You see, 9 times out of 10 we are shooting girls, mainly brides and I feel like we have a pretty good handle on how to pose them.  But yesterday, we were scheduled to shoot a senior Boy.  Just one boy!  For an entire session!! Talk about scaring me out of my mind. I don’t know how to pose a guy! I spend all my time looking and bridal and fashion magazines, not Sports Illustrated, or even GQ!  But once we got there, my nerves were eased.  I didn’t have to have a posebook for guys in my back pocket.  I just needed to let him be himself!  And that he was.  With that charming smile, and confident, strong demeanor.  Jason is all boy.  And I loved having him on the other side of my camera!!

He and his mom came down from Plainview and we had a great time driving all over Lubbock.  He’s actually the brother of one of our Brides this summer!! He’s headed to Texas Tech next year!! (Woo hoo!!) And he’s planning to study Architecture!  But what an awesome senior year he’s having! Quarterback of his football team, his baseball team is 2-0 in district so far, and he’s learning to play guitar! So excited he’s gonna be a Red Raider!

Seriously? Does he have a charming smile or what?!


I love your photography!
How do you do it?
I have always wanted to do photography.
Any tips would be very useful.
Thank you.

love these! and love that you guys have like a separate brand for senior pictures! but i have to say…i really hope you weren’t here in plainview to take these pictures and i didnt get to see you!! have a great week twin and her hubby!!

Love the light in the ones by the tree with the guitar!

love these. Loved the one with the tree and the one with the bat. These are awesome.

Awesome job. I love them all, especially the ones with the scoreboard. What a neat prop! And yes, a very charming smile.

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