I’ve been so excited about this wedding since we showed up to Spirit Ranch on Saturday, and saw all the hard work Jennifer had put into this wedding.  You see, Jennifer was her own wedding planner, florist, linen provider, decorator, cake maker, designer- you name it-  Jennifer (or one of her sisters or friends) were the ones who made or did it!

Every detail was perfect and it just goes to show, that with a little hard work and some ambition to have a unique wedding with cool details you can totally pull it off! And on a budget too!!

Jennifer & Mark’s wedding was unique to begin with.  And it was such an honor to learn more about them and get to share in their special day with all of their friends (who adore them).  Jennifer & Mark met while teaching English at a school in Korea.  Jennifer-from Texas, and Mark-from New Jersey.  World’s apart – but as their friends got up to give a toast for the wedding, they shared each a different reason for why that didn’t matter when it came to their love.

Their ceremony was intimate and beautiful with friends and family who traveled across the country and even across the world to be there.

Jennifer & Mark, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day.  It was beautiful!

Jennifer did her own flowers! Aren’t they beautiful!!!

You might remember this little guy from their engagement session.  Mandu & Batman were the ring bearers-and my heart melted all over again for them in their little tuxes!

It was really important to Jennifer to get a good picture of her with her grandmother.  Beautiful women!

Seriously Jennifer. You’re Beautiful.

The wedding party was so. much. fun.

The bride’s party: I loved the mismatching dresses for the bridesmaids

For Jennifer and Mark the more goofy and fun the pictures were – the better, I loved this one…

And then the groomsmen…

Each with a totally different and unique pair of customized converse shoes. so. awesome.


Even the groom had his own customized converse

Aric has always wanted to try a shot like this and we had just gotten in all of our new lighting equipment so I had to share…

Mark busted a few moves for us

And here are a couple of shots during the toasts- She must have said something really great here!


What a cute wedding event. They are wearing customized converse, I like their styles.

[…] {Image Credits} {Images 1, 2, & 3} Green Wedding Shoes {Image 4} Pretty Chicky {Image 5} Aric & Casey […]

This is absolutely the most sweatiest and romantic wedding I ever saw. I wish Jennifer & Mark happy together forever.

Great pics! You look beautiful, Jenn!! There were some really funny pictures in there.

Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. Great Job! I loved all of them, but my favorites are 0662, 0703 *, 0725, 0927. Wonderful photos! How can I order one?

*This one is the best!

thank you all for coming! seeing everybody together was incredibly meaningful for me and jenn. aric and casey, the photos are absolutely amazing!!!

nice wedding pictures, no doubt. But Casey and Aric when can we see the rest of the pictures? Cannot wait.

Congratulations! These pictures are rad!

way to go love birds!!!!

great photos! God Bless to both of you!

Great job guys. This wedding was so unique and so much fun and you guys captured it perfectly! I love your composition. Ever been to Rochester? =) Congratulations Jenn and Mark! We had a great time, thanks for letting us be part of your day! It was our pleasure! Lots of love, always. Jess and Hiro

miyamoto musashi

hisashiburi marku. omedeto!!! ki o tsukete ne =)

congratulations mark and jennifer! wang wa puak ter ja mee kwam suk mak mak na. dee jai mak tee puak ter tang garn kan! chok dee la! =)

congratulations dodong mark! lipay kaayo mi tanan. nindot kaayo imong wedding.

kuya, your wedding is so beautiful and unique.. we wish we were there to congratulate you personally.. however.. all of us here are sooo happy for both of you.. hope to see you soon…

stunning pictures. makes me feel like…tiger uppercut!!!

These are SO great! I LOVE the wedding party shots! They are amazing!

Congratulation! It’s really really gorgeous wedding pictures. I love them:) I miss you and Mark.

absolutely beautiful. great job guys!

wow… feichang piaoliang. great work! i wish u guys did our wedding pictures!

congratulations, mark and jennifer! love the pictures! suay mak. byah!!

congratulations, guys!!! beautiful pictures. wished i was there! hi jen! miss u, mark! hope to see u in august!


Love these photos!! So unique yet amazing and fun!!…keep up the great work 🙂

i love these two. what a beautiful couple! and wow, aric and casey, ya’ll did an incredible job of catching the essence of their fun loving spirits!

congratulations! the photos look great. wish i could’ve joined the fun.

Love the rustic and green setting! The pics captured the wedding very well.

These are by far the BEST wedding photos I’ve seen yet! Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

Desktop wallpapered! thx. awesome shots.

The groomsmen shots were a blast to do and it paid off big time. Truly exceptional stuff Aric & Casey. Thanks!

Wow! These photos are amazing!!!!!

chris apichaidejudom

really great job, guys! love your work. the pictures look amazing. cant wait to see the rest!! =)

lol tac. i like the smoking pic a lot too. definitely a memorable wedding.

wow!! nice pictures! can I order a copy of the picture of my shoes? haha, jk =)

Mark!! I already forgot your wife’s name (this is related to my injury)! I have seen wedding photos before, but yours TOPS them all! It was loving, cute, and fun!! I hope you have a wonderful life together! I can’t wait to see your babies!! No, I cannot babysit them. I apologize. 😀

Dope photography. Very imaginative

awesome pictures.

These pictures are amazing. Very unique and the couple + party are beautifully shot. Congratulations on the wedding.

Great photos!

Mark makes smoking cool again!!

These are such amazing pictures! It totally captures your personalities Mark and Jen!! I’m so happy for the both of you!

LOVE the picures. Esp the ones that were unexpected~ the ones of Jenn laughing. haha. The one with Mark smoking was very niiice. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

Wonderful pictures, you two look great!!

Awesome pics!! I’m the guy with the orange/baby blue shoes. Sorry about the suggestions I made while we were having the guy shots. Crap just comes out of my mouth without thinking!

wooo hooooooooo!

Wow you guys did an amazing job capturing each moment with the progression of the evening…it’s leaving me hungry for more 🙂
Congratulations Jennifer and Mark on a perfectly executed wedding — before, during and after — and all my love and best of luck to you both! (O wait + Mandu and Batman so best of luck to all the four of you!)

I love all of the photos! They really represent the personality of Mark and Jenn and every shot is just beautiful.

really really really great job guys! cant wait to see the rest!!!

I was in such awe of how beautiful each component of the wedding was. So many great ideas I’ve never seen before at other weddings. It was beautiful to see Jenn and Mark surrounded by all their best friends and thank you Aric and Casey for really capturing everything so beautifully! Each photo is awesome!

Beautiful work! I love all the photos. You guys did a great job. Thanks for all the hard work and for capturing all these memorable moments for Jenn, Mark and all the friends and family! 🙂

OH WOW! I love this post! Lots and lots of unique shots. Looks like a fun wedding.

OMG. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. You captured moments that truly took my breath away! Mucho love to Mark and Jenn and MUCHO props to Aric and Casey!

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