Oh where do I begin with these two?! I guess we should start at the beginning. Remember that time, when my sweet sweet boyfriend won me a spot at a women’s photography workshop and then soon after I got home from that workshop he proposed?!?! Well…I met a group of some of the most amazing women/mothers/wives/friends ever and luckily we have all been able to keep up with each other and typically make a trip to see each other once a year to catch up, relax, and talk life/photography with each other! Tisha was one of those women, and I’ve been so blessed to know her and even if she may not know it, I’ve learned so much about being a wife and woman of God from her.  She’s a beautiful, sweet, funny and unbelievably talented woman with a heart the size of Texas. 😉 (She lives in the heart of Texas so I thought that analogy was fitting) And Jim is the perfect counterpart for her. He is strong and gentle, funny and equally as caring and talented as Tisha.

 They celebrated their 20th anniversary last year, and even though we photograph newly engaged couples who are in the earliest stages of loving and adoring each other- these two gave all our engaged couples a run for their money! They are truly soul mates, best friends, and a true picture of what marriage is all about.

When they found out we were coming to Austin for a couple of shoots I was SO excited when they asked us to photograph them as well! They are wedding and portrait photographers in Brady, TX – and they are getting ready to get a new website and other fun things so they wanted to have some new promo pictures for their business as well.  Like I said they are super talented! So go check out their blog!

Jim & Tisha, Thank you so much first of all for your friendship and for letting us capture your love with our cameras- it was truly an honor!

Hope you guys enjoy a few of our favorites!


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SO sweet! Love them!

What an example Tisha and JJ lead for all married couples! Aric and Casey, y’all did an amazing job of capturing their love! I haven’t seen an engagement shoot that holds a candle to the romance in this one!

wow wow wow! jim and tisha, you are both stunning! these are all spectacular! love the flowers!!! i can’t wait to see which one y’all pick for your photo wall!! aric and casey, y’all did an amazing job capturing these two and the precious love between them! aren’t they just the sweetest people in the world?!

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