July 4th | Teaser

July 7, 2008

So…it feels like it’s been FOREVER.  And we are truly sorry for that.  It’s just a busy time.  And we are feeling more like doing NOTHING during our free time, than blogging-but we’re gettin back to the normal schedule so hopefully we’ll find some time to get all the images we have been working on blogged!  -Aric’s friends’ weddings, his trip to Chicago for the 4th, plus a bonus batch of some older pictures he has taken–but never edited–from our outing with Brittany & Jordan a few months back, etc., etc. (I edited some for him this weekend so you will be seeing those soon!) And of course a few of the pictures I took this weekend of my adorable/gorgeous/precious (pretty much any word you can use for good-looking people) little cousins.  -Like this one!– 
(Hope everyone had a great 4th!)

Brittany Strebeck

aww she is precious. what a beautiful photo!

Just gorgeous!! Great work!! I can’t wait to see the rest and submit these!! THX <3 dav

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