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July 23, 2008

Despite the fact that I lead a very blessed and joyful life, I’ve been a little bummed lately. Just bored-with having to go to work, and to school…(throwing myself my own little pity party of sorts) and overwhelmed by our hopes and dreams that seem so close I could reach out and touch them–yet just seem that little tiny bit too far away to start reaching out just yet… So I took some time this weekend to edit a few pictures just for me, and today I’m posting them to add a little fun to my day! Amidst the study guides, homework assignments, and the piles upon piles of paperwork waiting for me at work- photography-and the idea of chasing this dream is always a very bright point in my sometimes boring days…
So here’s a few FUN pictureshopefully they can brighten your day a little too…

aric + casey


The color on the jump photo is GREAT! And it was a blast jumping off that truck!

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