I have to brag on Aric a little bit here!  In case you haven’t heard yet – Aric & I are expecting a sweet baby boy this December!! 😉  This year’s wedding season has been a little rough – with the constant morning sickness and all!  Wedding days for the past few months have been so hard, and the weariness hasn’t dissipated during the week with shoots and editing to be done!  Feeling sick all day is especially uneasy when my bed is just a few feet away from my desk and the only thing that doesn’t make me feel queasy is sleep!  So Aric has taken on a lot more of the work lately and he’s been unbelievable with it all!  I’m impressed every single time he heads out for a shoot on his own and comes back with images that make me go “wow!”

He photographed Kasey’s bridal session and when he still wasn’t home after several hours I was wondering if they had gotten lost!  But no, Kasey & her mom had just asked to shoot some of her bridal shots at night and Aric knocked it out of the park with those!  It’s always fun when our clients give us the freedom and ability to experiment, try new things and just be creative without a list of rules for us!  Luckily that is the majority of our clients and we’re so grateful for that!  Kasey’s dress was so fun!  And I love that she had different accessories to play around with!

I had too much fun editing through the photos and I’m so excited to share these with you!  And don’t mind me, I’m just bragging on my amazingly talented husband when I say these photos are AMAZING!  Hope you enjoy her bridal portraits as much as I did!
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