Aric & I are so so excited about finishing the real post for these guys. We had a blast hanging out with them today and we really got out of our comfort zone and tried some new stuff and we are so pleased with the results. We’re headed out the door for dinner, but enjoy this teaser for now!!! And you can check out some of their stuff here or here! 🙂

aric + casey


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February 22, 2009
thanks for the sweet comment casey!

honestly, i am so humbled by the fact that you even read my blog! you guys have great color and creative poses!

also, quick photog you have jesh's new actions? i thought you might have used them on your previous post with the couple? i REALLY want them, but can't really justify why i would need them! haha! anyway, if not, then you should totally sell your actions and make millions of dollars!

can't wait to hear about your trip to vegas and see the rest of your pictures!
Brittany Strebeck
February 22, 2009
ooo i likey!!

can't wait to see the rest.